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Don't tell anyone...
          Doda sat in her Ferrari and cried. Her face was wet with tears.
    She had spoken with a parrot about God. The green parrot had
    told her that the Bible was written by men on hashish and wine.
    She had told a reporter about her vision. The following day she was
    charged with blasphemy under the Polish law she would be imprisoned.

          "Peppi! Why do they hate me?!" Doda wept, holding her parrot.

    "Do not despair." Peppi squawked. Doda held her chin up.
    "I think you are my only friend." she choked back tears and kissed
    Peppi on the beak. Peppi stuck out his grey tongue and licked her glossy
    pink lips. She revved the motor and stared out over the cliff before her.
    "Squawk! Don't be hasty!" Peppi flapped his wings.

        "But-ah.. I.. want people to love me--hee-hee.." Doda was weeping
    to hard to put the Ferrari in gear. She shut the motor off.
    "Give us a kiss!" Peppi squawked. Doda thought about all her fans
    and then remembered how they were leaving her for Lady GaGa.
    She started the motor.

        A great light blinded her. It was the Infant of Prague. The Infant Jesus
    held the world in his left hand and sat on Doda's lap.
    "Do you believe in Christmas?" he asked. Doda was speechless, but nodded
    yes. "Santa thinks your naughty. You need a spanking." the baby Jesus said.
    Doda left her Ferrari and bent over the guard railing before the cliff.
    Her parrot Peppi sat on the railing to the right. A group of cyclists spotted the
    blond pop singer and rode up to her rump.

          "Spank me!" She cried out.

      The cross country cyclists each took a turn on the blond polish bombshell's butt.
      Doda was spanked and entered many times. She thanked the cyclist for
      her penance and gave them each an autographed CD.

      The Infant of Prague vanished in a brilliant cloud.
      Peppi squawked as Lady GaGa's Bad Romance came out of the Ferrari's
      radio. Doda fell to her knees and praised the Lord.


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