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Nothing special, just a challenge piece...
Her feet pounded the frozen ground, nose running, eyes teary. She listened to the music thrumming in her ears, not thinking, just running, as far as her feet would take her. this time she wouldn't fail, she swore. She was cold, weAring nothing but a light jacket. She knew she shouldn't be running this way. No one knew where she was, what time she'd be back, and she was cold, frozen solid. Te trails were closed, but Diana had a taste for danger and a natural scorn for authority. To her, the closed trailheads were an in inconvenience, nothing more. She climbed over another chain that marked a closed trail, huffing into her ungloved hands, which were frozen and she could barely move them. Not that it mattered much. She was already in pain, from before, but, she figured, the pain of cold couldn't be that much worse.

Unknown to her, she was being watched. She kept looking around, she FELT somebody staring. She couldn't see them but she knew they were there.

She ignored it and kept going. The girl had instincts, they had to give her that. And she acted on them. She was outside enduring the cold, and didn't care what authority had to say about it. The younger agent turned to her phone. She'd bet anything that this girl did what she did for a reason, likely, because she knew her family wouldn't even know she was gone. Yes, this girl was a perfect candidate.

"So do we grab her?" asked the burly man sitting next to his partner.
"No," she responded, "that's a bad idea. I think if we approach her she'll be less frightened and might listen," you dimwit she added silently. The problem wasn't that Donnie was stupid, he just wasn't supposed to be working in the field; he was a paper pusher, for crissake!! but the Powers That Be decided she needed an older agent with her, saying she was unpredictable. So, being low on higher ranking agents than she, they sent the admin who was old, muscular, and lacking in field experience.

"A high ranking officer in the FBI skulking around in the frozen woods in damn Hicksville, Connecticut, is not what I had in mind when I made rank one," she muttered silently. Donnie looked longingly at the van, which was idling and toasty warm.

Diana stopped. she'd heard something, she knew she had. A rustle in the leaves too loud to be a small animal. She turned to see a flame-haired woman, slim and in her mid-thirties approaching her. Immediately Diana dropped to a fighting stance. Instinctively, the agent thought back to the file she'd read on the girl, which had mentioned numerous suspensions for fighting. The redhead threw her hands up.
"Easy!" she called, "my name is Grace Blake. I'm from the FBI."
Thrown off guard, Diana stopped for a moment, then lifted her fists back to her face, "show me the creds, lady, or I swear I'll lay you out." Grace smiled. the girl had guts, instinct, didn't let anyone get close, was cautious. She'd do better than the rest had, that much was certain. Grace dug her credentials out. So far, this girl had done exactly what the heads over at the FBI had expected.
Diana dropped her fists and motioned the black-clad woman closer. Shrugging, as if she didn't care either way, Grace took careful, cautious steps forward, her loping strides easily closing the distance. Then she made the offer she knew Diana couldn't refuse.
"We want you," she said carefully, "to join the FBI."
Diana laughed, she couldn't help it, very little made her laugh as hard as she did at this crackpot asking her to join the FBI.
"You're fucking insane."
"I'm not" Grace responded
"You're full of shit."
Grace didn't answer, just started to explain.
"the FBI is offering 12 kids the opportunity of a lifetime. kids like you meet every criteria-"
"Hold up! Me? I disrespect authority, get kicked out of school, and chill with my friends. What part of that says FBI to you??"
"All of it. Adventurous, you do what needs to be done. You act on your instincts."
"and my family-"
Grace snorted, "you and I both know they wont notice. Listen! You can get where adults can't."
"This can't be legal!!!"
"It's been approved on the highest level. We both know you stay here and your life goes on like this till you end up in jail. At least with the FBI you've got a way out. That's what you always wanted, right?"
Diana stopped short. This woman knew too much, but she was right. Diana was suspicious, but she knew she'd had enough of this town. She shrugged and started following the flame haired black clad FBI agent, not even surprised when they passed Donnie and he fell into step beside them.
"A black ford truck with no windows. Big surprise." Diana smirked, climbing in the back when the old muscled guy opened the door with a mocking bow.
Grace from the front seat called back, "you're lucky, you know. some kids we weren't half as nice to. Because it was a fight to get them to come, they rode in the back, bound and gagged."
"what the FBI wants, the FBI gets." Donnie rumbled from the passenger seat, where he had ridden so silently Diana had thought he was mute. Diana sat back in her seat, trying to decide if this was advice, fact, or warning. Or maybe all three.
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