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This is becoming futile..

    The centralization of the banks is successful.
    Soon the one world government will be complete.
    There is one possible hitch. The humans are completely insane.
    They may detonate thermal nuclear devices in an attempt to control
    oil fields. Perhaps, their water should be seeded with tranquilizers?
    I am strongly concerned about a thermal nuclear war.
    That would burn off the surface of this blue planet.

    Maybe the Jesus factor will avert total war. Do you still have him on ice?
    If Jesus were to return and run as a third party candidate, he might pacify
    the humans. Jessi Ventura would be an excellent vice president.

    I have noticed the females are very aggressive too.
    They claim to be gentle, but exert violence when they are frustrated.
    A small German girl punched me twice. She said she was upset about
    me pointing out a pimple on the right side of her nose.
    Another girl cursed her boyfriend for having sex with another female.
    But, she was having sex with several males at the time.
    She became violent and punched a table.

    The female appears to be as promiscuous as the male.
    However, they fiercely fight for exclusive mating with their men.
    Very much like the bull seal fighting over his harem.
    My attempts at mating with these females has failed.
    The general rebuff is, "Your too fucking old!"
    My lack of body tone is also given as a reason for no sexual contact.
    There are two 19 year old girls, who are flirtatious ..
    But, they do not accept me as a mate.
    They are busy fiercely defending their harem of young men from other females.

    I believe this erratic sex drive is the source of violent human history.
    They simply cannot live in peace.
    I will continue to send you my observation.
    Although, I believe it is hopeless to attempt to civilize these barbarians.
    They are in love with chaos.

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