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I love the great buys!

        The first thing I like do at a Wal-Mart is check out the entry corral.
    Yesterday I found some samples of pretzels and cheese. Yummy.
    The bananas were 34 cents a pound! The store was clean an organized.
    I walked my shopping cart out to the garden department and spotted a
    cute female Wal-Mart associate labeling tropical plants.

        There were three pallets of tropical plants for her to mark down.
    I politely asked her where the toothpicks were. She looked confused
    and paged for any associate, who knew where to find the toothpicks.
    No one responded. I politely asked if she take me to the toothpicks.
    She paged an ASM. That is an assistant manager. They cover many
    departments. No one responded. I insisted that Larissa take me to the
    toothpicks. She sighed and put down her Telzon and printer.

          I was happy to let Larissa lead me. She has a tic-toc ass.
    We searched the pantry and health and beauty and the front registers.
    Larissa said, "I don't think we sell toothpicks."
    I said, "I think I remember where I bought them." and asked the young lady
    to follow me. I took her to the matches in soft lines with the candles.
    But, there were no toothpicks. An ASM appeared and said,

          "We have toothpicks in the paper isle in the pantry."

    He just popped out of nowhere. He had a very authoritarian voice and
    looked to be a solid 260 pounds. Well, Larissa nearly pissed herself and
    followed me and the ASM to the paper. The ASM, Mark handed me a
    package of toothpicks and asked,     

          "Can I help you find another item?"

    It sounded like he was shouting at me. I paused and put the one item in
    my cart and asked,

            "Why are you labeling spider plants as tropical plants?"

    Larissa eyes popped and her jaw dropped as she stood behind the ASM.
    Mark walked with me to the garden department and saw the labeling error.
    He gave me a spider plant at half price. I placed it in center my shopping
    cart and waved to Larissa, who was removing all of her mislabeled spider plants
    about 40 of them.

    That's why I like to shop at Wal-Mart.
    The service is second to none.

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