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how to win a war...do you want it
How to Win a War
1 Discern whether you want to fight or debate.
2. Do what you choose assertively
3. Be goal orientated and solution focused.
4. Be willing to loose small battles to gain strategic placement.
5. Celebrate your victories, accept your losses
6, To win a war one must respect the intelligence of all adversaries.
7. Do not underestimate the ability of any competitor-regardless of what they compete for.
8.Do not quit…unless it was a foolish start.
9, Do not blame.
10. Put in charge those you believe in and believe in those you put in charge.
11. Remember that war is a short time gain where peace is a long time solution.
12. Prayer is the most effective weapon we have, use it…before considering any other type of defense or assault.
And remember those on the front lines are our friends and our families, our neighbors and the children of all around us.
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