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a short erotic about a couple who find entertainment on a rainy Monday evening.
Monday Nights

I sat on the couch, watching as it poured out the window. It had been raining for days now and tonight it seemed to be the worst of it. I kept the lights dim and read by the lamp light near me. I was curled up on my favorite couch re-reading my favorite book when he walks through the door. His clothes are drenched from the rain. He peeled his trench coat off his shoulders. I could feel the tension between us. We had been fighting on and off all week. It was usually over the smallest things really. Today he walked through the door with something hanging over his head. I felt his energy trickle through the air that covered the distance between us. He had a long day at work. He was tense and agitated. I could feel another argument coming, regardless of my attempts to avoid them; they just seemed to be inevitable.

I got up from the couch, putting my book down on the coffee table and I started to walk over to my loving husband. I took his coat from his hand and hung it up on the hook. I tried my best to resurrect a chipper mood. "What's wrong baby?" I asked in the most loving way I could muster.

"It was a really long day. Don't mind me. I'm exhausted." He said.
"Come, lets get you out of these wet clothes; leave your shoes here. I don't need you tracking water all through the house." I said holding his hand in mine, pulling him towards the bedroom. He slid out of his shoes and walked behind me in his soggy socks. I grabbed a towel from the linen closet while he sat down on the couch in the bedroom and slowly peeled off his t-shirt. His hair fell in thick, wet, jet black curls that fell lightly on his shoulders. I wrapped the tips in the towel to stop it from dripping down his back. I squeezed the water from the tips and dried his back. I doted on him and braced myself for the horror stories of his day. I never minded hearing about them; it gave us something to talk about. I just couldn't take the mood it put him in.

He stood up and unbuttoned his pants. He dropped it and it fell in to a pile around his feet. I heard his keys hit the ground with a loud clank. He stepped out of the wet circle and bent to pick them up. He threw them over the side of the couch. He was soaked through to his boxers, he peeled them off and sat down on the couch again. He still hadn't uttered a single word. It was odd, usually by now, he would be complaining about his boss, or a co-worker. I ran my fingernails lightly against his spine. His skin was still moist from the rain. It was like I had fallen in to a trance just watching him in this almost uncomfortable silence. I felt something dormant stir inside of me. I felt the need wash over me. His flesh smelled sweet with the rain water. Inviting me to taste. My eyes fluttered closed as I took in the fragrance. I bit my bottom lip to stop it from

He felt the need growing inside of me. I could see it was growing inside of him as well. I resisted the temptation to bite the soft skin in the curve of his neck. His pulse called to me. It thundered between my ears. I breathed heavily. My
breasts rising and falling with exasperation. He turned facing me. His dark eyes holding a glint of promise in them. It looked like the bad days were behind us now. I recognized that glint and it made my heart flutter. He walked away, it only made the fight with temptation easier on me. He bent over the bedside table and opened the drawer. He turned to face me again. The blade glittering in his hand. He held the knife to his hand and pressed down into the line in the middle of his palm. Pain glittered in his eyes as he closed his hand around the silver blade. He pulled the knife slowly out of his closed palm.
Crimson liquid stained the shiny blade. My heart began to race with the sight. I felt dizzy and light headed with thirst. I started panting, feeling all too much at once. He came towards me, droplets hitting the floor. The sound of it was thunderous in my

He brought his palm up to my quivering lips. I parted those lips and felt the warmth of the blood greet my wanting lips. I lapped up the blood the way a cat laps up milk. Everything happened in slow motion. My eyes rolled to the back of my
head with the sensation of the velvet liquid flowing down my throat. I drank it like fine red wine, savoring every last moment. I let it coat every inch of my mouth as I drank him in.

The blood flow stopped. I took all I could from that hand, but I still wanted more. Heaven help me. I still wanted more. I wanted to bleed him dry and bathe in his blood, letting it cover every inch of me from head to toe.

I looked in to his eyes. I felt the blood lust rage to life. I broke the hold I had on his hand and went for a kiss. His lips were soft and warm under mine. His tongue slipped between my partially open lips. Our tongues danced within each others mouths as I moved us toward the bed. I pulled him as I laid down. He crawled on to the bed as I moved deeper into the bed. He climbed on top of me. He rushed to unbutton the my shirt. He got frustrated and ripped the buttons right off. I pulled the shirt off me and threw it aside. I wasn't wearing any pants, no shock there. I saw the blade lying next to me. I reached for it and hid it under the pillow. He grabbed my hands and pinned them lightly over my head. “How do you expect to get my underwear off if your pinning me down?” I asked in a voice I didn't recognize as my own. He buried his head in the
curve of my neck. “Don't worry. I wont have to.” He said. I felt him poking me through my underwear. I felt the heat from his loins. I felt his passion push against my skin. I felt delirious with ecstasy. The thirst took the back burner and the hunger took front stage. The hunger flared through.

He wrapped his arms around me to unhook my bra. He struggled for a long moment, but finally got the damned thing off. He pulled the bra off and made his way down my body. He stopped just at my breasts. He bit down on the smooth skin. The lower half of my body at the sudden sensation. I gasped. He kept working his way down with small bites, kisses, and licks.

We had already let go of my hands to pull off my underwear. He slid it down my legs digging my nails down as he did so. My body was aching from the anticipation. His hands slid between my legs. He pushed them farther apart. I slid my hand towards the pillow that hid the blade, not really reaching for it. I just wanted to feel the cold of the steel against my skin.
He slipped his fingers between the lips and played with my most sensitive of spots. My hips jerked and bucked as my body writhed. The hunger in a dark death grip. I clutched and pulled at soft sheets with each spasm. The first of many.

He climbed back on top of me. His fingers entwined with my own. He pushed my legs up with his knees to better angle me. He thrust himself inside me, Once was enough to keep the climax of orgasms coming in. Like raging waves over me. He kept thrusting, harder and faster. One orgasm after another. My body felt weak,my head spun wildly. I convulsed. My hips jerked and bucked to meet his thrusts. My chest felt as though it would cave. I struggled to breath, my heart pounded in my chest. I could barely catch up. Each delightful sensation sent my mind spinning wildly into ecstasy.

He panted loudly and moaned even louder, my nails digging into his hands, almost drawing blood from beneath the surface. His arms quivered, about to buckle from his weight and exhaustion.

His pace quickened. He was coming. He pounded mercilessly into me. I felt my body brace itself for one more orgasm. It would be great in measure. My heart skipping beats. The long awaited explosion was moments away, I could scream with anticipation. My voice already hoarse and tired gave way to gasp of wanted and much needed air.

Moan after moan, pant after pant. Then it hit me, tearing out a scream so loud it echoed off the walls. He thrust one last time, this time a spasm inside me. The release came. I felt intoxicated. Drained from head to toe. No strength left in me. It was over. His arms buckled, him panting. Beads of sweat and rain water all over us. Our sex, spilled out, all over us.

He brought himself, quivering down and gave me one quivering kiss. We laid there, holding each other with the little strength we had. I closed my eyes and breathed him in. “I love you”. I whispered. “I love you too”. He whispered in return. He panted some more as we laid there holding on to each other. I guess the bad patches were over.

I love Monday nights.
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