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by Aakki
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A deep expression of memories and its impact!
{{size:3.5}center}Our life is like a prodigious ocean, resting on the bed of time, which has been forged by the collection of pearl like droplets called moments. The salinity or sweetness of these droplets is surmised by the type of memory, attached with every moment.
There are some moments, saline in taste, which throw us back into those dark pasts, which seduces the feelings of disgrace, enmity, awkwardness and pain. No matter how hard we try to condone them, they will again shower the same rain drops of tears from our eyes, by becoming clouds of an indispensable bitter past.
In order to maintain neutrality in this oceanic life, we are blessed with some sweet memories too, that blossoms in us, the flowers of smile, rooted deep in our heart. These memories are like sunshine, which brightens a feeling of complacency, peace, harmony and ecstasy. The positive vibes sprayed in them encourages us to move on in our life, by promising us to return back similar beautiful moments, in the next part of our life as well. The happiness gathered by flying in these old memories helps us to continue our journey, underestimating the bad memories, trying to shadow our thinking.

Every time, when the snapshots of those colorless memories blink in my mind, through the eyes of heart, I once again live that moment. A fragrance of some known old flower gets sprayed in my ambient.
But every time, when the show is over, I am left with a shivering crying smile, added with a big tear drop, trying hard to leave the arms of my lashes, and with that tear drop, once again those memories are lost!
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