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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1842144
A short Erotic story of a college student and her professor meeting alone at night. Enjoy.
I looked over my term paper for the thousandth time hoping it would meet Mr. Blake's standards and hopefully catch his attention. Just thinking about him made a heat rise up low inside of me. Mr. Blake was my fantasy. He is my psychology professor but he looked more like he could have been a porn star. At least in my head he was one.

I slaved over my work for the past two months hoping he would notice me. Every time he called my name i felt my heart jump in my chest and make it's way up my throat. In that time I became his star pupil. I wanted to be more than that. I never passed up an opportunity to be close to him. Even if i knew the material, I would ask for the extra help just to hear his sultry voice next to my ear.

I sat in my chair and replayed the last minutes of today's class. Just before walking out the door he called me to his desk. He asked me to meet with him tonight in his office to discuss a scholarship award that he thought I was perfect for. I nearly melted on the spot. Even now, I don't know what held me up. I walked through the rest of the day lost in a fevered school girl fantasy; stuck in a daze.

I looked over at my closet and started looking for something to wear. Something to catch his attention and put a little heat under his collar. I pulled out a thin white summer dress with a red flower stitched in to the material. I hung it on my door and started to undress. I slipped on a white bra and white sheer lace underwear. I slipped on the flimsy dress and started to brush my dark hair. My bangs fell neatly just above my eyes. I tied a white ribbon and the bow rested neatly at the center of my head. My hair was long enough to cover my back and rest at my hips.

I looked on the desk and then at the mirror. I lined my eyes with black eye liner and added some black mascara to my lashes. My skin was fair and looked lighter now. My green eyes flared to life against the black eye liner. I applied some blush to my cheeks and some light red lipstick to my lips. I slipped on some black ballerina flats and stood up. I looked myself over in the mirror before gathering my coat and my bag; and heading out the door.

It was a brisk walk across campus. The fall air was cool against my naked legs. I held my coat closed and walked as fast as I could. I was so nervous I was shaking. I couldn't keep my heart from thundering in my chest. I finally came to the building and headed inside. This would be the first time I ever went to his office so I had to ask for directions. I stopped a passing professor and asked her for directions. She pointed me down a long hallway and around a corner. I thanked her and started heading that way.

I stopped after turning the corner and saw his door at the end of the hall. There was a dim light behind the blurred glass, illuminating his name. I walked towards it slowly, fighting the urge to turn and run away. i slipped off my jacket and draped it over my arm. I held it close to my chest hoping to hide my heart pounding against it's surface.

I came to the thick mahogany door. My hand shook as I knocked on it lightly. I heard some stirrings from inside when the door opened. He stood there. His dark chestnut brown hair was coming loose from it's ponytail. I could smell brandy on his breath.He flashed me a dazzling smile before inviting me inside. He closed the door behind me.

He took my coat and bag to hang it on the coat rack. He showed me to a seat near his desk. I sat there trying to find something to say. "Thank you for coming. To be honest I thought you had probably forgotten, Gabriella."
"No, of course not." I said squirming in the leather chair. He stood in front of me, his hands in the pockets of his perfectly creased black slacks. "I've noticed your work in class and I must say, you show a lot of potential." He said leaning against the desk. All I could do was smile and nod. I didn't trust my voice at all. "You're one of my best students and when I saw this scholarship, I knew it was perfect for you." He said taking the cup from his desk and sipping at it. "Thank you Mr. Blake. I really do appreciate this. To be honest I wouldn't have done so well without your help." I said standing up abruptly. My elbow knocked his glass all over his shirt and my dress. I felt my cheeks grow hot as I fumbled with the glass. "Oh my god! I am so sorry. It was an accident." I stammered. He laughed and took some tissue out of his pocket. "It's fine. I have plenty more of these shirts at home, but I think I ruined your pretty dress." I looked down and realized that he could see right through my dress now. "Oh my god, this is so embarrassing." I said, trying to cover up. "Don't worry." He said. His voice got deeper and i could feel it like invisible fingers running over my skin. I looked up in to his dark brown eyes in a trance.

He started to unbutton his white shirt to expose his naked chest. He pulled his shirt out of his waist band and pulled me to him. I felt his warm skin against my chest. His fingers pressed in to my arms and I looked up at him. I couldn't keep myself from shaking in his arms. He smiled sweetly and pressed his lips to mine. The kiss was more than I imagined it could be. His lips were hungry and dominating. His tongue dancing with mine.

When he finally pulled away I was left breathless and still shaking. I stepped away from him and all he did was smile. He turned away from me and moved the papers to the side of the desk. He took me in to his arms again and had me pressed against the desk. He pulled my ruined dress over my head and tossed it to the other side of the room. I was standing there bare and shaking. "I always thought you were beautiful, Gabriella. Now I see I underestimated you." He said pushing me to lie back while he parted my legs. I felt his fingers tracing the lace of my underwear before he pulled them off. His fingers sent chills through me.

I felt the cold of the desk against my bare bottom. I felt his breathing against the lips between my legs. I felt the tip of his tongue glide against them. I gasped, resting my hands on my stomach. I heard him chuckle before his tongue danced against my sex. The fire erupted inside of me, consuming me in it's flames. I gasped and moaned from each tantalizing sensation washing over me. I felt my passion erupt and spill over his tongue. He stood up and wiped at his chin. I was still lost in a haze when I felt his hand around my wrist pulling me up to him.

He took me in his arms and pressed his lips to mine. They were still slick and I was drunk from another breathtaking kiss while he unclasped my bra. He pulled it off and let my full breasts hang there naked before him. He turned us around so he could lean against the desk. I saw him, firm and pressing against his pants. He undid his button and let his slacks fall to the ground around his shoes. He pulled his already throbbing member from his dark blue boxers. I knelt down before it and took him in my hand. I stroked and caressed it to hear him groan. I wrapped my lips around it and felt his throbbing pulse against my tongue. He groaned while I suckled him with my tongue. His fingers combed through my hair while I watched him.

He groaned and panted until I felt he might spill in my mouth. He pulled me up and bent me over the desk. I felt that wet throbbing member push in to me, ripping a scream from me. His hand came around over my mouth to muffle my cries as he thrust into me with reckless abandon.His free hand came around and cupped my breast, kneading the nipple until it was as hard as a pebble. My legs buckled and my back was arched. He held on to my hips, pulling me in to his thrusts. My skin was on fire.This was what I dreamed of late at night alone in my bed. He pulled out of me abruptly. I almost fell to the ground when he turned me around and pushed me to lie back on the desk with my legs spread open for him.

He pushed himself inside of me again. My back arched, he pulled me to meet his thrusts. His hand wrapped around my throat, squeezing it tight.I felt myself get slicker and more fevered. The fire inside of me threatened to explode. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I felt the climax rip through me. I bucked and writhed against him. I was growing desperate for him. He pulled out of me and I felt his seed spill over on to the desk. I looked up at him. His dark hair was messy and disheveled. His skin glistened with sweat. This was everything I thought it would be and more. He leaned over the desk panting, and pressed his lips against mine softly this time. "That was amazing Gabriella." He whispered helping me to stand. I nodded and couldn't help a giggle escaping. He stood there holding me. "It was everything I hoped it would be, Mr. Blake." I said against his chest. "Call me Richard." He whispered.
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