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A short story about a teenage girl abandoned as a child with more than normal abilities.
7:27 pm.
Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Okay. Keep running. Faster. Faster.
I could hear the sirens of the cop car behind me. They actually believed they could catch me. To bad they're so ignorant. I come to a barbwire fence. Crap. I climb up and fling myself over, but my arm gets caught on the wire. Ow!! I grunt but keep running. The cop car runs through the fence door. I turn on the next street corner into a very narrow alley. I hear the squeel of the cops slamming on their brakes. One door opens. Then another. Both slam almost simultaneously . Then I hear loud footsteps as they run after me. I hear the sound of a drawn gun.

"Freeze! Stay where you are and put your arms in the air!" I roll my eyes. Foolish are they. I stand absolutely still.

"Put your arms up NOW!" Instead I keep my arms to my sides and close my eyes. I hear them come cautiously up behind me. I feel myself going. I hear gasps behind me. Then all is silent. I open my eyes and find myself on a gravel road with a huge house I the distance. Damn. I murmur to myself. I hate not being able to control where I transfer to.I start the long walk up to the house.

I spin around and see someone running up to me. How did I not hear them coming up behind me? I shake it off, coming to the conclusion that I just wasn't paying attention.

"Hey." I just stare at the boy. He looks like he'd be about sixteen or seventeen. Like me. He has the most bluest eyes I have ever seen. It's like electricity is running through his eyes. Dark brown hair about to his chin. Flippy. His face is very defined and chiseled.

"Who the hell are you?" He yells. As he comes closer he says "Huh? Wanna explain yourself?" he questions me. I just keep staring.

"Okay. Umm I'm Luke. I live there." He points towards the house in the distance, now much closer.
"You are??" He watches me expectantly. I stutter telling him my name.

"A-Anerie." I tell Luke.

"What kind of name is that?"

"I liked it."

"You say that like you named yourself."

"I did."

"Oh." He looks down at his shoes as I continue to stare at him. He turns and starts toward the house. About 20 paces away, he stops and turns back to me.

"You coming?" he asks me. I blink and hesitantly follow him.

"This is the living room, that's the kitchen, and that room there is Ben's room."
Luke announces as we go through the house. I nod to each thing he says. The room smells of roses. As I look around I locate the source. A small purple vase sits on a gothic end table.

"Ben's like me. So is everyone else in this house." he says sadly.

"Like you how?" I question.

"None of our parents wanted us."
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