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Flash of Romance Round 5 winner. Inspired by The Jetnia Phenomenon |Wiley confronts Jet|
"How could you keep it away from me?" His voice rose over the sound of rolling thunder to shake my ears as warm summer rain pelted us. "Dammit, my best friend and his wife shouldn't be raising my kid. Why didn't you tell me?"

I looked past the one man that could push my buttons better than any other male alive, to the hills of his ranch. Wind buffeted the branches of oak trees in the distance as the storm rolled towards us. I wished to draw the solidness of the oak for myself as I stood in the midst of my own personal tempest.

My mouth couldn't form words since my chin was buckling under the seismic tremors reverberating through my jaw as my state of emotional distress reared. As hard as I could, I swallowed the lump growing in my throat and opened up with an honesty I never used with him. "I didn't want to be a mistake you corrected. I'm not the marrying type and I'm not the mothering type. I figured Kaylis and Dmitri would make better role models than me... I mean come on. Wishing a child upon me is to sentence the poor kid to doom. They make good parents... I get to see my daughter whenever I like and be Auntie Jet... I'm okay with the choice I made." Although it blistered my soul to make it. For now, it remains my silent burden.

Those golden eyes of his ensnared my gaze as the wind whipped my black hair around us. "You didn't think to ask what I'd want you to do with my daughter? You didn't think I should have a say?" He swept tendrils of my hair from his face.

"Its not your child. It was your orgasm. We hooked up at a party, Wiley. You're the kind of guy who'd marry a chick he knocked up... because you made the mistake of no condom and then you'd decide to sentence yourself to a lifetime of misery based on an ideal. Maybe an eventual divorce... because I can't picture you, Mister Johnny Law, being with me long term. You'd get tired of my shit and bounce. That's what men do with me... so fuck it. I'm not going to waste away hoping for a ring on my finger so I can finally think myself happy. I like you Wiley, but I wasn't going to trap you in a marriage with someone you'd grow to hate."

His golden eyes softened towards me. "You love me." Thunder cracked overhead.

My heart beat like hummingbird wings as I lied. Damn my pride. "I do not. Don't read into things."

"Oh, you do love me. You wouldn't have put so much thought into keeping me free and happy if you didn't love me. I know what kind of gal you are... you don't give a damn about making a man who's earned it suffer for the bastard he is, like you did to me at the Fourth of July party." He smiled wide. "I deserved it, too. But you love me. Admit it, woman."

"If that makes you happy to think, then fine. Enjoy your delusion. Like and Love aren't the same, you know."

"What if I said I'd only marry you because I love you? That you're the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep. Hell, I can't get off to the thought of any other woman like I do the thought of you, Jetnia... and I've tried. I'll tell you what, I don't want to be addicted to a woman who won't have me. I'm not perfect, but I do love you, Jet. Tell me you don't love me, say it if you don't want me in your life. I can't be your friend without wanting you. All or nothing, baby. All or nothing." Wiley looked with expectation upon me. His voice softened. "I'm serious, Jet. If I'm hanging out at Dmitri's and you show up to hang with Kay, I'll leave. If I can't have you, I don't want to be tormented with your presence."

Oh holy shit.

Another boom of thunder punctuated the moment.

"Tell me right now, Jet. What do you want?" Wet clothes clung to our bodies as the skies opened up even more.

I didn't know what I wanted. I liked this man, despite our beginnings. I liked him enough that the thought of another botched relationship with him as my guinea pig this time 'round had no appeal... Wiley was a man-- a real man. Intelligent, loyal and stubborn... and that night spent in his arms was branded on my soul. He had already spoiled me for any other man. "How did you know? About... Mara?" It still hurt to speak of my daughter by name.

Wiley's expression changed as he looked upon me with deep sadness. "She has a family birthmark. My sister and I both have an identical shape in the same place on our shoulders, as does my dad and his brothers. You took off for months and reappear right around when Dmirtri and Kay adopt a baby... that kid has a Boldton birthmark. I can add two and two together, Jet. I've forgiven you because I know you were scared. You don't know how to ask for help because you're stubborn. You think you're broken, tainted for love. I know otherwise. Jetnia, you have a huge heart. Just open it to me, or God give the strength to me to get you out of mine." Those hawk eyes of his lingered on my face as he searched for my answer.

I couldn't speak. So I kissed his lips in reply. Wiley's arms wrapped around me as if I were a buoy and he a man swept overboard. The world stopped existing in that moment as he and I found each other's souls. He gave me his heart and I gave love another chance.

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