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this was spontaneous cause i was feeling a bit depressed but yea, please comment.

Every day is the same in that we live and breathe the same air and walk in the same environment. When my eyes are open, the beauty of the world cannot be seen. It's dull existence does  not make up for the lack of beauty that the world has potential for. Human creations extending across horizons and up to the sky, industrialising a natural world, exterminating all the magic the old world used to possess. Here i see crime and saddness and pain left, right and centre. The sun and moon both dull copies of the ones that painted the world with light and colour.

But when the music plays in my ears, i close my eyes and see the world as i wish it. Industrialisation has disappeared and the land is a beautiful green extending everywhere with the sun illuminating the specks of dust in the air and the joyous play-things of the animals running amongst the grass. Yet, the specks are not dust, they are the magic the world has been imbued with since the dawn of time, invisible to the naked eye and only revealing itself under the mystical rays of the sun and moon. The earth looks to be made of magic, the greenness of the grass swaying in the small breeze; the trees rustling, talking to each other in long lost whispers; the clouds in the sky floating high like they have been strung on invisible threads with the blueness stretching as far as the eye can see (that is during the day). Night time is an entirely different story, shadows and darkness get their chance to flit and play under the magical light of the moon; the rustling of the trees continue, talking in their sleep; different species of animals come out to play, making the world more awe-inspiring and maybe a little scary; but the sky..... the wonders of the universe is painted on the night sky, stars dotting the dark blue and purple canvas of the sky with splashes of purple and white and blue making up the beautiful milky way. If you look close enough, there are stars that are smudged which indicate an entirely new world. Here, in this magical place, you can be anyone or anything you want, worries forgotten and just love extending everywhere.

However, there comes the time when one must open their eyes again and face these worries, this saddness that the world will never be like what you imagined. Where your innermost dreams are just dreams, floating always out of your reach. One day, i hope i catch mine and finally live my dream.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1842764