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Poem about a Cherokee woman who was kicked out of her tribe.
A Cherokee woman driven from her tribe
because she refused to marry the Chief's son.
Brown Bear was abusive and demanding.
Being married to him would be like prison.

She was in love with another and was-
sad that she had to leave him behind but in time-
she knew their hearts would mend.
She lives in the middle of the dense woods as she cries.

Loneliness was taking it's toll on her.
Her senses helped her to survive.
At night, she looked at the stars in the sky.
She had her youth. She would be fine.

She fished, built a canoe, wove baskets and knew how to survive.
The animals were her friends, the wolf was her mentor and her protector.
She had been in the woods for two seasons and made it through-
a bitter cold, snowy winter showing no mercy and seemed to laugh at her.

The beautiful Cherokee woman's wish came true one summer day.
Her lover sought her out. He had left his tribe and she was all he had ever wanted.
The flames of love kept her warm and happy.
They ran away to another territory to make their home.

They lived among friendly white men and were accepted.
They married and had children and each other.
They never forgot their roots but their people had rejected them.
Cherokee in their hearts but they loved living in the white man's world.

They taught the children their Cherokee ways
but bought their children up in the white man's world.
They say home is where the heart is.
May your home always be where your heart is.

Another beautiful sig of Dancing Fawn and her wolf Nikko by Angel.
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Beautiful Poser of Native American Woman by best friend Angel.

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