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How can a Christian be fiscally Conservative?

          God is a term. Yes, like all words, God is a definition.
  Christians believed in a charitable God. How can they, then be opposed
  to welfare or any other charitable social service?

  How many times has a Christian politician proclaimed they are Pro-Life?
  They want to stop abortions on demand, but they are opposed to welfare moms.
  What would Jesus do?
  He defended a prostitute against a mob.
  He told Judas to give the money he was collecting to the poor.

  Is this conservative?
  It sounds like liberal socialism.

          When God condemned Adam&Eve, didn't he include their children?
  Death is not the end of life for a Christian; it is the beginning of immortality.
  So, why are Christians opposed to abortion? Is it not better to escape the
  corruptions of this sinful world? The Apostle Paul thought so.

  Oh, well...

  Just trying to understand Christians gives me a headache.

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