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this is a character sketch and prose synopsis of Volusia
Character Sketch Template

Volusia is my CC in the EWW course

Name:  Volusia

Age: 28 Years old

Location:  Central France in Prehistoric Times

Family:  Born to a family of Healers and Medicine Women

Career Aspirations:  Be a Medicine Woman

Race:  Caucasian.

Features:  Five feet four, light complexion with an almost pale hue.  Blue eyes,  Attractive with a striking visage.  Wiry and tough.

Likes:  Family and children and outdoors.

Dislikes:  Being compelled to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Physical Condition:  Athletic and well conditioned.

Ailments:  None

Education:  Well schooled in Herbal medicine.

Socioeconomic Background:  Considered middle class by the day’s standards.

Parents:  Mother was a medicine Woman.  Father was an artisan.

Siblings:  None

Ambition:  To become a Medicine Woman.

Hobbies:  Gathering herbs and native plants.  Cooking and sewing.

Significant Others:  Fell in love with Wardarian prince and bore him two children…  Is falling in love with Rindar.

Emotional Stability:  Solid

Flaws:  Is pretty pragmatic and together.  Tends to see things in black and white… is principled.

Other Traits:  Holds a grudge…  High expectations of those around her.

Pivotal events in life:  Being raped and killing her assailant.

Favorite Foods:  Wild rice and apples.

Favorite Music:  Singing

Favorite Reading Material:  Non literate… likes murals depicting historical events.

Religion:  Beliefs in ancestors and spirits.

Personality:  No nonsense but has a sense of humor that can border on gallows.

Habits:  Likes doing things repetitively once she discovers the best way.

Favorite thing to do.  Make liniments salves and ointments for her healing.

Comfort level with opposite sex.  Uninhibited.

Things she takes pride in.  Her children and healing skills.

Things that bother:  Senseless cruelty, unfairness, and injustice.

Things that make her laugh:  Unexpected contradictions in life.

Speech Patters:  Speaks lucidly and with eloquence.  She has well developed linguistic skills.

Prose Synopsis

Volusia is a  Wardarian Healer, an enigmatic woman of high intelligence and practical knowledge.  She is in a class esteemed for both their practical understanding of herbal medicine and spiritual connection to ancestors and environmental forces.  She has the pale Wardarin complexion and piercing blue eyes.  She has two children and is willing to take risks that influence the course of her life.

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