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by Set3
Rated: 18+ · Serial · Sci-fi · #1843227
Noel leaves her new friends for home. however, others may not want her to return safely.
MAU: Infinite Crisis
Chapter 3

When Agent G came back (not in a good mood) he told Noel and Jeffrey that the 'interview' will be finished by a CSIS agent that will arrive at Noel's residence in a day or so. Noel gave Agent G her address for him to pass on to CSIS. He thanked her and asked her to fly safely before saying goodbye and cutting the connection. After a few moments the TV automatically turned off.

Jeffrey turned to Noel while getting up, "Well, I don't suppose you have any time for breakfast before leaving?"

Noel's stomach growled causing her to blush faintly, "That's probably a good idea."

Upon opening the door, Andria fell forward with a yelp.

"Andria, what are you doing?" Jeffrey asked.

"It's not my fault," she responded dusting herself off. "Major wouldn't let me see after she hacked into the comm. line. she wouldn't let me see even though she's letting John."

Over in the kitchen area, John and Major were sitting, both with guilty expressions on their faces.

"You know you're not supposed to do that," Jeffrey scolded.

"Don't look at me, it was John's idea! He wanted to know how the meeting was going." Major replied.

Johns face reddened with embarrassment. "I was only curious," he stated bluntly.

"Well, if you're that concerned, then you can treat her to your infamous cooking," Jeffrey retorted.

John got up halfway seemingly about to argue then sat back down in defeat. He got up again and trudged to the fridge to prep for the meal.


John had made up some strawberry crapes which everyone enjoyed. Towards the end of the meal, Andria began telling Noel about the people they've ran into while searching for both Henry and thee seemingly infinite number of alien boxes.

"So, anyway, when we got there, this couple had turned themselves into cartoons!" she said with a laugh. "I'm not talking about people with weird body shapes, but actual cartoons like you see in the Looney Toons movies! They were Roger and Jessica Rabbit!" Andria was laughing so hard that she snorted a few times. "And here's the best part! The husband was Jessica Rabbit!" At this point, Andria began gasping for air still laughing.

Everyone around the table chuckled except for Major who only groaned, "Ugh, I've been trying to forget about that."

Noel looked quizzically at Major and then to Andria for answers, "What's with Major?"

Andria, still suffering through the giggles replied, "Oh, when we got to the house, we heard all sorts of crazy noises inside. So Major volunteered to enter first since she can turn invisible. When she got to the bedroom..." She descended into another fit of laughter.

Major spoke quickly, "Let's just say there was 'ink' everywhere and leave it at that, ok?"

Noel was even more confused than before and looked to the others for clarity but only received rolled eyes and a 'subtle' grin.

Andria recovered enough to answer once more, "They were in the middle of doing it!"

Noel shook her head, still clueless.

"You know, sex! They're cartoons. All that 'ink' was semen!"

It finally clicked as Noel's eyes widen at the realization.

"When Major came in, they came! Unfortunately for our poor Major, the rabbit pulled out and all that 'ink' landed right on her face!" At that last part, Andria was laughing so hard, she fell out of her chair.

Major groaned again, "The stuff smelled like banana bread. And even after eight showers, my hair still smelled like it for days afterwards."

John wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "Ever since then, she can't stand the smell of bananas. Which is kinda funny and helpful if I just want some me time." Major glared at him. "Only joking. Anyways, after they were brought to a private residence, for obvious reasons, someone propositioned them to star in a Roger Rabbit sequel and they offered us seats to the first screenplay."

"I'm not going!" Major said flatly.

The laughter and chuckles had then calmed down somewhat.

Jeffrey then spoke up; his head hung solemnly, "They weren't all funny or amusingly weird... Back when it was just me, I came to a house where the couple was listed as missing by their employers. When they found the box... I guess they were into heavy bondage. The girlfriend at some point changed herself so she didn't have any arms or legs, while the boyfriend was just a head with a dick attached to his neck. As it turned out, the boyfriend was first changed and after some fooling around the girlfriend got excited and stupidly changed herself into the limbless state I found her in. They had some fun but when they wanted to change back neither had the ability to reach the panel. the girlfriend tried her best to reach it since the boyfriend was completely immobile. It didn't help that they were in a middle of a heat wave and had a busted air conditioner. So when I got there, they were two days starved and suffering from heatstroke. I called the agency for help. The girlfriend recovered relatively quickly, however the boyfriend had spent a month in critical, probably because he was just a head more or less."

He let out a short heavy breath and wiped away some water sitting on the lip of his cup. The rest of the group looked on in regret for laughing earlier.

"Holy shit," whispered Andria, "Are they ok now?"

Jeffrey looked up slightly startled, "Hmm? Oh yeah, their doing fine. They're both on a special diet for obvious reasons. The last I heard, they are married and pregnant." He perked up a little on saying the last part.

After another moment of silence, Noel cleared her throat, "Well it’s been fun. Thanks for breakfast John, and for rescuing me Jeff, but I should be going. If Agent G's feelings towards CSIS are any indication, then I shouldn't be late for the meeting."

And with that, she said her goodbyes to Jeff and his team. they reciprocated, Andria a little more so, which still seemed odd considering that she looked every bit as much as Lightning from FFXIII. Waving goodbye once more, Noel jumped high into the air with her hip and back thrusters. When she felt she was high enough, she retracted her jump wing and deployed her flight wings and shot off northward.

Noel, wanting to avoid any more mid-air 'turbulence', flew as close to the edge of space as possible to the point where her wings were nearly useless and she was little more than a rocket. The euphoria of flying so close to space was reluctantly shoved aside for fear that something might sneak up on her.

The flight back home was quiet and thankfully short. It was later that afternoon when Noel reached home and fortunate for her, it was after rush hour, so she didn't have any awkward run ins with neighbors. Noel entered her apartment that was even smaller thanks to the alien box and the armour she had on earlier before changing again. however, Noel was well practiced and navigated around both them and the junk laying about the floor.

Standing just before the bathroom, she took off her helmet and mentally commanded her armour to open. Stepping out and down, Noel guessed she was about a head shorter than she was before first stepping into the box. Noel put some food down for her cat, but he didn't come out of hiding until she was in the bathroom getting a better look at herself.

As her cat was chomping away at the dry food, Noel kept looking back and forth between the mirror and down at her new front. Her breast weren't large, just a nice healthy size (b-cup maybe?) in proportion to her new body stature. Noel began to undress. It wasn't until she had her 'plug suit' down to her waist that she realized that the sensory connectors remained where they were on her body, instead of coming off with the rest of the suit.

"What the hell?" she asked taking it all off to get a complete look.

First were the ones on her neck. There was one just below each ear that, if you weren't looking closely, looked just like earrings. Next were two at her shoulders, one at each elbow and another just before the wrists. Looking down, she noticed another on her chest, right where her ribcage joined at the bottom. When she touched it, she felt a numb tingling in her fingertips. Shoving that aside for now, she looked at her legs and discovered four more. one on each calf just below the knee and one more on each foot just before her toes started.

"Great. This'll make buying shoes a hassle."

She turned around, as she looked at her backside through the mirror and spied yet another one where her tailbone would be. She then caught sight of apparently the last one sitting on the nap of her neck. A quick check confirmed that they were all firmly attached to her body and didn't move. Tossing her plug suit onto the futon, Noel ran the water for her shower. She'd been gone for over a day and while she didn't look it, and actually didn't feel it from running her hands through her short hair and over her body, the feeling of being dirty persisted.

So to satisfy her need to bath and explore her new self, she hopped into the shower and began washing. Starting with her hair, she rubbed shampoo in it, rinsing it out, she marveled at how her hair was blond in contrast to her original dark brown. Pulling down a lock of hair that was now barely long enough to be seen without the aid of a mirror, she could see the frosted tip.

"I wonder," she mused aimlessly flicking her hair to the side.

Forgetting about her thought, her hands roamed to her chest. They felt just as good as the ones on her last body felt even if they were smaller. Feeling a warm glow from her nether region below, 'cupping' her vagina with one hand the warm glow turned into a pleasant tingle. Her curiosity and need overwhelming her, she was surprised of how easy her finger slid in and the sensations were so intense that her eyes involuntarily crossed.

Although it was quite pleasant, very pleasant, she pulled out unable to come to terms with the sensation of being penetrated. Even if she was doing it to herself.

"Not to say I wouldn't consider trying again in the future maybe..." She thought to herself as she finished washing up a little faster than she would have so not to excite herself further for now.

Drying herself off with a towel, she sighed as she had to put her plug suit back on. It seemed like a why bother having a shower if you’re just going to put your dirty cloths back on afterwards. Now not so naked anymore, but still suggestively clad she mentally slapped herself since she left her armour from the second change, she was still clothed when she tested her ability to change back the other day. Cold mind you, but still fully clothed. With yet another sigh she left her plug suit on, since she went through the trouble of redressing, closed her eyes and concentrated on turning back.

Instead of a click, she felt a horrible stabbing pain in her chest that she was only able to utter a sharp yelp before falling over and passing out. Had anyone been there with her, they would've seen both hardsuits twitch for a few seconds before once again standing still. Inside the helmet from her second hardsuit was showing damage to her power core. Although there wasn't any concern for a containment breach, her ability to become human again was now nonexistent.


Back at Tonoan Industrials Headquarters, Mike was in the middle of drinking yet another cup of coffee when a notice popped up on his computer screen causing him to spit some of his coffee onto the screen and spilling the rest on his hand.

"Shit!" he said as he dropped his cup and shook his hand.

He stared at the data pouring in from the satellite; the output was twice that of which was recorded previously, but unmistakably the same. For some reason the power surge is lasting longer, not that Mike was complaining, it just allowed him to locate it better. He relayed the information to the nearby team, hung up the phone and sat back in his chair staring at the coffee on the floor.

"Damn, I need a mop," he thought.


"Damn prick!!" security officer Peter Zimerson stated bluntly after talking to Mike. The fucker gets to sit in an air condition room back at headquarters while he and his team are freezing our asses babysitting some geeks who're looking for god knows what. "Well shit. A job's a job," he muttered to himself before telling the geeks the news.

They all noticeably stiffened when he told them the new location; obviously they knew something he didn't. The new location was in a dead end road, they left the transport truck since it would've been hell getting it in and out, even more so if they didn't find what they were looking for. So the security team drove off in a SUV while the science team followed close behind in a cargo van.

A few blocks and some quick turns and they arrived. Peter got out of the driver’s seat and scoffed at the apparent motel that stood before them. "Well at least its better then the outhouse."

"And here I thought you liked freezing your ass on the can," Nelly said getting out of the passenger seat.

"Funny," Peter replied with a sarcastic grin which she returned with a mocking smile of her own.

Third hopped out the back seat and they all walked over to the van to meet the science team for further orders. After receiving telemetry from the satellite, the science team determined that whatever they were searching for was in one of the two rooms on the left side of the building. Everyone on the security team smiled to each other, finally, they were going to get some action. They walked back to the SUV and opened the back door and donned Kevlar vest and MP5 machine guns loaded with stun rounds (rubber bullets). Each also grabbed a pistol with live rounds just in case.

Peter walked to the apartment on the left while Nelly and Third lined up on the door of the center apartment. As Peter looked through the open blinds in the window he heard Nelly chuckle, looking over, Nelly pointed to a set of keys still in the door. Peter raised an eyebrow before motioning them to breach.

He checked the door to see if it was locked, since a quieter entry would mean a lesser chance of interruption later, the door gave. Perfect. He motioned the other two to enter. Peter opened the door slowly and entered. As he saw from the window, the lights were off with only a faint glow from the microwave clock.

Toys and books lined the edges of the floor and a tall box stood in the middle. As he stepped around the box he heard a yelp followed by two quick coughs from an MP5. Rounding the box he nearly tripped over something lying on the floor. As he bent down to see what it was, the lights came on. Startled, Peter gasped and jumped backward into the fridge behind him. Nelly was laughing at the sight of him.

"Jesus, Nell. Don't do that!" Peter yelled, swearing under his breath as he got up.

"You should've been with me next door. There were two teenagers in the middle of fucking. You wouldn't believe the looks on their faces before we put them out," Nelly said with a sly grin.

Peter just shook his head with a grin of his own. Looking down, he saw the object on the floor was an unconscious girl. As he checks her pulse, Nelly called to him referring to the hardsuits, "Whoa, check these out. And this one on the right has a maple leaf on it. I think someone's a little obsessed 'EH'?" She said stressing the 'eh' slang.

Peter finished counting the girls heart beats and got up and walked over to Nelly in front of the hardsuits ignoring he 'joke'.

"Well if we're all secure here; let’s tell the geeks so we can get this over with."

Nelly just shrugged and followed Peter out while he informed the science team. She and Peter were back in the SUV listening in on the police channels while Third was left 'babysitting' the science team just in case. The science team started in the center apartment and while they didn't find anything in the sparsely decorated room, they did linger on the teenagers still intertwined forms before moving on. On entering the other apartment their equipment whirred and beeped as they passed the hardsuits. Three began examining the hardsuits while the other two checked out the unconscious girl Peter told them about.

One made a brief note of the leotard she seemed to be wearing while the other examined the connector points about her clothing and body. Just as he touched a probe to the connector in her chest, the probe sparked angrily as the display winked out. He tried restarting it until he noticed a wisp of smoke rising from the seams of the device.

Surprisingly, none on the science team paid any attention to the alien box and treated it more as a nuisance than an object of curiosity. By and by, they finished all their analysis they could outside of lab conditions and had Peter and Third help them move the hardsuits into the cargo van. Nelly carried the girl into the SUV and strapped her into the middle of the backseat since there was no more room in the van.

Peter called the driver of the transport truck and told him to continue on with his normal route. Driving off to the town’s small airport, Peter kept glancing in his rear view mirror at the girl sitting limply between his team members, her head bobbing slightly as he drove over bumps in the road.

Who was this girl? And what did she have to do with those suits that the science team was so jittery about? The questions were far above his pay grade judging from how this was all carried out but, he still didn't like it. Not knowing what was going on made his job of keeping his team safe harder. The tedium of it didn't help either. That just meant something was going to break at the worst moment possible. Grumbling under his breath, he continued on driving. Ten minutes later they arrived at the small airport and another full hour in chartering a private plane to take them cross-country to the BC coastline.

The plane ride was long and uneventful. Peter tried sleeping several times but couldn't quite get comfortable. It had nothing to do with his seat or that he wasn't the one flying the plane. It was just something about moving vehicles... Peter shook his head looking to his right at Nelly sound asleep and snoring, the sill unconscious girl was at the window seat still out.

Burying his unease of the girl for now, he chuckled slightly at Nell; she was pretty much dead to the world in terms of noises and such. But if you were to touch her in the slightest then you can be sure something on your person was going to end up broken. Settling as far back as his chair would allow, he closed his eyes and tried for a light doze. Four hours later they landed at a private airfield safely and began unloading.


Back at Noel's apartment, a woman in a car pulled up, got out and knocked on the door. Waiting a minute she knocked again. Another moment and still no response, she looked through the open blinds in the window just in time to see the alien box return to its stand-by mode.


She pulled out her cell phone and dialed. It only rang once before being picked up.

"This is Johanna Mars. I'm at the apartment and just watched the 'device' deactivate. The tenant doesn't seem to be here..." She paused briefly to look around the driveway, "There are two sets of treads and several footprints in the driveway... recommend we have a team up here to find the tenant's whereabouts." She waited for a response.

"...Acknowledged Agent Mars, a team will be sent by air. ETA is two hours. Recommend you secure the device first, and then determine possible witnesses."

Johanna exhaled sharply, "Alright," then closed her phone.

She grabbed a small lock picking kit from her car and proceeded to use it on the deadbolt. As she turned the tumbler, she could feel the lightness of the turn, swearing, she stuffed her kit in her pocket and turned the handle to walk inside.


After landing, Peter's team, and the geeks with their 'cargo' all filed into two helicopters that carried them to a coastal harbor where Tonaon Industrials was waiting. It wasn't a building per say, though it was run like one, but a boat. Its outward appearance resembled that of an American WWII aircraft carrier, minus any deck weapons. Its flight deck was covered with artificial Astroturf. And instead of fighter planes normally associated with a carrier, it had only three helicopters, two of which Peter and his team were riding in. While on the outside it looked like a carrier, inside its hull, it resembled an executive office building befitting company headquarters.

As the helicopters touched down, a group of people came running out from the island tower of the ship. Upon exiting the helicopter and clearing the still turning rotors overhead, Peter and his team were met by a security detail. Peter could see the rest of the group which was lead by Mike Givings; meet the science team from the second chopper.

"Why is Mike up here? I thought he was just in charge of the satellite project."

The security officer just shrugged, "None of my business sir. I was only told to escort you and your team to debriefing."

He stepped to the side to allow Peter to walk ahead. As he passed, Peter noticed the strap that held the security mans sidearm in its holster was undone. When the security officer noticed Peter looking at his sidearm, he quickly brought his hand to rest on the butt of the pistol. The act sent shivers running down Peter's spine, and made him even more nervous To his credit though, he kept it from showing and just gestured for his team to follow. They were lead below the flight deck and were left alone in an executive boardroom to wait.
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