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Ultimate Hogwarts: Rebirth has become a legacy. We're on a new site with a whole new plot.
This is Legacy’s Plot:

It's been a year since the night the wizarding world changed forever. The assassination of Daniel Marsden, the notorious leader of the organization known as The Seven, brought with it a brief feeling of joy that was quickly extinguished. The Seven died alongside Marsden that night but the Echelon rose from its ashes like a dark phoenix set to scorch the Earth at the whim of its leader. The mysterious assassin summoned the former members of The Seven to her and offered them a simple choice: Bind their loyalty to her or die. Only a few refused and they were quickly and brutally made examples of. 

Flara Meridian, newly appointed Headmistress of Hogwarts, leads The Order of The Eight into what could be certain destruction. But in the wake of the death of Joseph Witchard, former Headmaster and leader of The Order, are they strong enough to defeat this incredibly powerful and determined foe.  With an enemy solely bent on causing chaos and disrupting the status quo, can The Order prevail? With so much hanging in the balance, can The Echelon be stopped before the wizarding world has been razed to the ground? And if so, what will be the cost of bringing about their downfall?

With the Ministry in shambles and the Echelon's strangle hold on the wizarding community suffocating the very life from, Maxen Tudyr has stepped up, assuming the role of Minister of Magic. The new Minister has taken up the task of rebuilding the wizarding world and restoring order. However, hidden beneath his noble intentions lies his festering hate for the Echelon and his desire to seek revenge for the murder of his good friend and former Minister of Magic, Alexander Caulton. Having appointed Adarian Ackland, the only person to infiltrate the Seven, as head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Maxen has set the Aurors and Hit Wizard squad to one purpose. Destroy the Echelon

What side will you choose? What will your legacy be?

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