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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #1843464
James was flung into a world of magic with only his two best friends to protect him
BEN yawned, got out of bed and "accidentally" stood on his younger brother James who unfortunately slept on the mattress below Ben's bed. James got up and stretched, he was used to this wake up call and it wasn't all bad as it had very good timing- Ben always got up at 7:30 exactly. As he came down the stairs the smell of burnt toast struck him like a slap to the face "think fast smelly breath" shouted Ben from the Kitchen. This time it really did slap him in the face.. "Bulls eye!" cried Ben "ouch" said James, and as he quietly cursed he started towards Ben his hands out stretched in a strangling motion, but stopped, as Mrs Hades walked in from the lounge. "What are you doing James?" she asked, "oh" said James "oh" he repeated "just pretending to be a zombie"! He put on a huge grin and turned his hands so his fingers were pointing down. "Right " said Mrs Hades, somewhat unconvinced. Mrs Hades looked into James sparkling green eye's with her cold black ones as though searching for something. James often thought that when he looked into her eye's it was like falling into a deep, dark hole. Mrs Hades gave James one last look then swished around (whipping James with her strawberry-blonde hair) and stormed off. It was a challenging morning all over again and yet, none of the other kids from HADES WONDERFUL (not) ORPHANAGE were up yet except Ben and James's best friend Murtagh (MER-tag).

Murtagh was small but strong and always smiled. Today as always he wore a purple dressing gown with a pink sash. He and James had a reputation around the place because they liked going up to random people and asking them for their signature- then they went back to the orphanage to practice forging them.
Just then Horgarth (HROTH-gaarth) another of James's friends, walked in. "mornin'" he said with a lopsided grin. Though only twelve, Horgarth was already quite big and stupid. "I heard carni uh carna uh-err the thingy with rides is in town" he said still with a half smile. "Carnival?" James asked. " Oh yeah.. do you wanna go?" Horgarth asked. "Sure sounds fun" Murtagh agrees ("we could use the opportunity to..(bag a few signatures) (find some magical advice) (relax a bit, let off steam because of Hades and this oppressive orphanage).. where is the story going to go? "The Carnival" is the first "Scene" in this book because that is where the first main setting is going to be, reader would expect some important things to happen during their time at the carnival) "Why not" says James.


Soon they were heading for the carnival. "man.. that is LOUD!" cried Murtagh even though they were still a few kilometers away from the carnival. when they got there they all put their money into a pile and split it evenly so that they all had $11.00 and a little change but Murtagh might have had a couple more cents than everyone else. "we should choose one ride each (is that only 3 rides ?) " said James "and we all have a try at each one (??- do only one ride each but do all of them? doesn't make sense) " "good idea" said Murtagh "okay! I pick coconut throw" cried Horgarth. Hey, for my turn I want go to the magic show" said James stopping suddenly "the sign says ' wonderful magic show watch miss cobweb disappear" ran off in the completely wrong direction James smiled this was going to be a long day and ran off to follow Horgarth closely follow by Murtagh.

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