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Omegas have died out. Alphas have grown weak. Or so everyone thought. Everything is a lie.
The Alpha and the Omega
Book One: The Beginning

The Alpha’s Place

“We have reason to believe that Jedrek Blaise Feoras is in truth the long missing Alpha King.”
Five men, true elders of their kind, sat around a tight semi-circle shaped table.  The surface was black and slick like glass, the edges sharp.  An obsidian table.  The room itself was made of large gray blocks of stone, bare and empty except for the table and the elders sitting around it.  One of them, clearly the oldest, by his long, old, yellowing gray hair.  His nails were inches long and dirty yellow, his eyes blue and filmy.  Thin, flaky, pale skin stretched tight over the bones of his face and body as if he were a decomposing body.  His teeth were artificial, and when he spoke his voice was a soft, hoarse rasp that one had to hold  their breath and slow the beating of their own hearts to hear.

“Reasons?  Tell us these reasons, Pyone.  Don’t jump to the conclusion of an explanation that you haven’t given us.”

Pyone, the one who had spoken first, sitting at the right end of the table, bowed his head to the eldest of them.  He was significantly younger compared to the one he bowed to.  Pyone’s own hair was light gray and straight to the back of his knees.  His appearance was one of a spry sixty year old man with a tan to his skin that was pigment and not the sun.  Strong bone sat proudly just beneath his skin, his eyes were black and heavily lidded like he was either extremely tired or in a state of constant post coital pleasure.  His lips were thin and straight, giving him a reproachful expression.  Pyone’s voice had long since lost it’s timbre and when he spoke, his voice showed only a small piece of the irritation he felt.  He hated being treated like a child by Magnar.

“As you say, Magnar.” he said.  “Forgive me, in my haste to give you such important news, I omitted important details.”  Magnar nodded, conceding.  Pyone continued.  “Now, most packs don’t believe in the existence of the Omega’s, especially with the rapidly declining birth rate of Omega pups.  Yet all who become Alpha are made aware of our existence once they take pack responsibility upon themselves.  Alpha’s have--”

“You dither with words, Pyone.”  said another.  “Say what it is you mean to say.”

This one had a smirk on lips still pink and full.  His skin was a healthy nut brown, his black hair, a bit silver around the edges, still had luster and was short and thick, and there was still some muscle definition beneath his clothes.  He was the youngest an elder could be and still carry that title.  His appearance was of a strong and experienced fifty year old man in his prime.  Pyone stiffened.

“I always say what I mean to say, Loran.  One would think you would have learned some patience after all this time.”

Smirking lips stretched wider into a fierce grin, cocoa brown eyes shining.

“By all means continue, Pyone.”  Loran said with a deep voice still holding music.  “I shall practice patience.”

“As I was saying, the Alpha’s have been as under our rule as the Omega’s, even if they are not aware of it.  They have been this way for millennia, calling on Omega’s to do the hard work like exterminating rabid packs or other strong Alpha’s who have gone rabid themselves and whose pack can not put down with their combined strength.  This reliance has kept us in complete control of both end of the pack community.  This--”

Loran sighed loudly, earning a fierce stare from Pyone.  Loran’s eyes went cold and empty in response, then he turned slightly to face Magnus.

“I shall explain the rest, Eldest.  Alpha Jedrek has been taking care of his own business, handling the pack responsibility without need for help and with strength and authority.  His pack loves him and other packs love him.  Other Alpha’s have even started to emulate him with their own packs.  Basically, he’s everything a true Alpha should be through and through.”  He leaned back as well as he could in the stiff, straight backed chair.  “Revolution is spreading like disease through the wolves, and while the Alpha’s are growing backbones, the Omega’s are growing restless.”

Magnus nodded slowly and all four of the remaining elders stiffened in slight horror, wondering if his brittle neck would snap.

“These are reasons and yet no reasons to think this Jedrek is the Alpha King come back.  Still, we shall send the Omega’s to exterminate their assigned Alpha’s and most of their packs.  They will have to rebuild, and when they do they will remember the revolutionary thought that caused destruction among them and avoid it.”
Loran smirked once again.

Two wolves the size of ponies were locked in a stalemate.  Muscle bunched beneath hot skin and silky fur, blade sharp teeth sunk into the neck and shoulder of one and the face and head of the other.  Dark blood was slick against black and gray fur, and stained the dirt and grass beneath them.  Growls shook the still early morning air, ears were laid back partially torn, noses bleeding and scrunched up in a snarl.  Each had their jaws in a strong, steady grip and neither was letting go.  A howl broke out as a gray wolf came upon them locked together.  Howls answered a bit a way, echoing him, and then he let out another howl.  Afterwards, he slunk over to the other too wolves, pacing in a wide circle around them and vibrating with low growls. 

More howls cut through the still morning atmosphere, much closer and an eerie counterpoint to the continuing belly deep and fierce growls coming from the two wolves who were locked together, and the low growls of the gray watcher.  It was a music of a sort.  A song of danger, sadness, and coming punishment.  All of the howling cut short abruptly and a great bronze furred ball of fury, snapping jaws, and thick muscle barreled into the close dancing wolves, knocking them into the feet into the air and roughly across the ground.  Each immediately made to get up, but the bronze wolf was on them, bellowing his fury with all the strength and power of the shaking earth.

A dark brown wolf came to stand by the bronze one and above one of the wounded wolves.  The black wolf and the gray wolf immediately laid on their backs, belly and necks exposed fully.  They whined, licking at the muzzle and chin of the wolf standing over them, trying to gain favor or escape their wrath.  The bronze wolf gave a sharp and rough growl that cut through their whining and let them both know that he wasn’t having it.  Then the gray watcher suddenly ran forward at the gray wolf lying beneath the brown one, snapping at its exposed neck and belly.  The brown wolf chased off the watcher with a few vicious snaps of his own, making the watcher get in a position of his own submission.

The bronze wolf growled one last final growl, then moved away from the injured wolves, the brown wolf following suit.  The wounded wolves stood slowly and tentatively, immediately flanked by  two wolves each who escorted them away from the small forest clearing.  The brown wolf barked at the still lying down grey watcher wolf, who then stood and bolted away.  Finally alone, the brown wolf walked over to the bronze one, body low and tail wagging.  He whined and gave the other wolf a few licks to his muzzle, the bronze snarled a little and the brown wolf laid down on his belly, tail beneath him and ears back.  The bronze then held the brown’s neck firmly but gently between his teeth for a moment before releasing him.  He then laid his front paws and chin against the brown wolfs back.  A deep sigh filled the bronzes lungs and air left his mouth in a deep rumble.

They laid there in silence, understanding and comfort easily transferred through their close proximity.  The tension left the bronze wolf soon enough and he sighed heavily again.  He stood and stretched thoroughly like a large cat, muscle rippling down his frame like a river of strength and power.  As he stretched, his body seemed to grow longer.  His front legs grew inches in seconds as did his main torso.  He then shook himself thoroughly and launched himself into the air.  When he came back down, he was a man.

Naked, crouching, lean and defined muscle tensed, light brown skin stretched smoothly and tightly over his body.  His shoulders were broad, leading to a smaller waist and sculpted thighs.  His hair was short, shiny, and thick.  Bronze, copper, and dark brown mingled together like his fur.  Large, dark green, almond-shaped eyes were focused in the empty space beyond the brown wolf in the direction the other wolves had gone.  His strong, square jaw was clenched and nostrils flared, full pink lips parting slightly as he took in scents.  He didn’t need to use his mouth to help take in scents in wolf form, but his nose was different when he was in the shape of a man.  He stood to his full height of 6’1 and shook his body a little to get rid of any lingering tingling in his flesh.

“If Nika and Max do this again, I’ll kill one of them.” he said.
His voice was a deep, lyrical rumble, filled with echoes of his power.  He still wasn’t looking at the brown wolf and wasn’t particularly talking to him, more to himself.  Regardless, the brown wolf stood and shook himself, limbs growing supernaturally fast.  He stood abruptly on two legs, stretching towards the sky and was a man with his arms high above his head and body making small cracking noises.  The man was suntanned.  He was few inches shorter than his bronze haired companion and stockier too.  His belly was flat, with a big chest, arms and legs.  His muscle was also thicker than his companions, but by no means was he even a bit stronger.

His jaw was straight, but softer than the others showing that he was either younger than him or the type that kept a little baby fat on his face no matter what.  His eyes were blue, glowing with ferocity and intelligence and his dark brown was pulled into a braided ponytail at the back of his head ending near his hips.  His cute, real life button nose scrunched up as he looked to his companion.

“Your word is law, Alpha.”  A strong voice, but not particularly deep.  “And no one will blame you.  They will howl many nights if there is a death in the pack, but there will be no dissension.”

The Alpha said nothing and nodded, still not bothering to look at the other man.  The brown haired man watched his Alpha attentively, letting the silence lay easily between them a moment before braving to ask a question.

“What will you do about the little gray?  He’s young and hot headed.”

The Alpha finally met the other man’s eyes directly, the brown haired man only holding his gaze a short moment before averting his eyes.

“He can’t afford to be.  I’ll deal with Nika and Max first, then I’ll deal with Neal.”  He shook his head.  “Max should be ashamed of himself.  One’s younger brother shouldn’t be the better behaved of the two.”

“I will do anything you may need of me, Alpha.”

The Alpha smiled, a smile of true pleasure.

“I know, Audrey.  You’re my Beta.  We should hurry, I need to teach those two that having an easygoing nature doesn’t mean I’m a pushover.”

With that, he jumped into the air, doing a front facing cartwheel, and landed on all four paws running.  Audrey did the same and quickly followed after him.  They ran without thought, only needing instinct, and even with the seriousness of the situation joy and happiness rose in their hearts at the feel of muscles bunching and rippling, air moving smoothly in and out of their lungs, the sensation of running incredibly fast and in slow motion all at once.  Nothing could compare and wolves loved running, especially together.  They also loved to play, and being able to shift into men did nothing to change that. 

The Beta nipped playfully at his Alpha’s flank as he leaped over a fallen and decaying tree trunk in front of him.  The Alpha yelped playfully then started to fling himself from tree trunk to tree trunk as he ran, flipping backwards so instead of in front of his Beta, he was running behind him.  His Beta glanced back with eyes slightly widened in surprise.  He then changed direction, trying to get his Alpha off of his tail, but his Alpha moved as one with him no matter how quickly he changed course.  The Beta then took a sharp turn behind a small hill, changing shape quickly mid leap so he could hide behind a tree trunk.  The Alpha took the turn more slowly, taking in scents with his nostrils, the side slits separating them so his Beta’s scent wasn’t contaminated with surrounding scents. 

Their scents didn’t change with their shapes, but most could sense the little flare of power when one of their kind shifted nearby.  Yet Audrey was old enough to be able to mask it, even from his Alpha if he wasn’t really trying to sense him.  But games weren’t serious so, the Alpha didn’t cheat and sense him out, he went by his Beta’s scent.  The air suddenly moved in the wrong direction and feeling this, the Alpha turned his flank aside just in time to escape Audrey’s silent charge.  Not getting to knock his Alpha over, the Beta caught his tail gently between his teeth. 

They then preceded to roll around across the ground, knocking into trees every now and then and nipping at each other until the Alpha grew tired of the game and growled softly.  Play ceased immediately and Audrey showed his belly and neck to his Alpha who grunted softly and licked his muzzle.  His Alpha nudged him with his nose to get up and then continued his run to their Wolcott.  Their pack den.  Their home.

The Wolcott was a small mansion made of wood, stone, and glass.  Describe fa├žade and surrounding area of cottage/mansion once I find one in a house book.
Alpha and Beta trotted up to the large front doors that were wide open and held there with door stoppers.  Their claws clicked softly against the wooden floor.  A large walk-in wardrobe was built into the far wall, and Alpha and Beta went straight to it after they shifted back into men. 

The Alpha chose black, Goth style shorts lined with green stitching.  Straps hung from the pockets with green painted studs along their lengths.  Thin green chains and zippers also ornamented his shorts.  Next was a black tank top with a dark green skull image on the front and a black sleeveless and hooded light jacket.  His shoes were high tops made of black smooth hard leather.  On the insole were two dark green stripes and on each side of the shoe was the image of a green colored skull.  The shoe strings were wide and green.  Audrey chose a dark blue tank top with black slightly baggy jeans and black suede work boots.  He looked in the mirror and pulled at his braid.

“Techi  thinks I should either dye this black or cut it.” he murmured to his Alpha with a frown at his reflection.  “What do you think?”

His Alpha stood behind him to look skeptically at his Betas reflection.

“Dye it, cut it, but leave two long braids in the back.  I’ve always wanted to wear my hair that way.”

Audrey stared accusingly at his Alpha’s reflection in the mirror.

“You’ve been up late watching your anime again haven’t you?”

The Alpha smiled, then sighed, moving away from the mirror and his Beta.

“What can I say?  Anime is my blood.”  He walked towards the doors of the wardrobe.  “Tell Nika, Max, and Davi to meet me in my office.  One at a time.”

And then Audrey was alone in the wardrobe, still frowning.  Shrugging, he too left the wardrobe, closing the doors back behind him.  There was a small section of wall beneath the stairway.  Audrey walked over to it, felt on the side for a small catch, then swung it soundlessly open like a door.  Behind the wall was a thick steel set up something like a safe door.  On it was a black panel.  Audrey pressed the palm of his right hand against it and the panel scanned for prints, temperature, and a heartbeat.  Once the panel lit up with a green light, Audrey removed his hand, and the door opened only slightly as if it had been pressurized.  The Beta swung the door open, walked through, and closed the door back behind him.

Hearing the door lock behind him, he continued down the short flight of stairs to another door of the same kind.  He pressed his palm against it and waited for the door to unlock.  Once it did he walked through it and into a hallway.  Illuminated by bright lights, gleaming off the laminated white walls, floor and ceiling.  The far end of the hallway broke off to the right and left, leading to other hallways.  On each side of the hallway Audrey was in, there were doors.  Security doors like the two he’d already walked through.  This section of the house was below ground level.  The pack did not call it a basement though, they called it the dungeon.  The rooms down here were cells.  Cells for wolves awaiting punishment or rogues.  Each door was programmed to open only for the hand of the Alpha and the Beta or a twelve digit number.  The panels scanned for temperature and a pulse so no one could cut off their hands and use them to open the doors.  The twelve digit number changed everyday and it was only told to those who needed to know, when they needed to know.

The wolves who had escorted Max and Nika to the cells earlier had been told the current code only just before they all went out as wolves to track down the fighters.  Even so, only one of the escorts actually knew the code, opening the door ahead of the others.  Audrey put his palm to the panel on the right cell door and waited for it to click open.  He swung it open and looked inside.  The walls, floor, and ceiling of the cells were made of steel and were also well lit.  There was no furniture in them or any other facilities.  Cells weren’t made to be comfortable. 

Nika lay on the floor, awake but weak.  His body was shaking slightly, making the muscles beneath his copper skin to twitch.  His long black hair was loose and covered his back and side.  Still, eyes more gold than brown were narrowed and glaring at the Beta as Nika breathed heavily.  He had been given a solution a wolf doctor and scientist had created that made them too weak to shift for at least twenty-four hours.  Audrey walked in and didn’t bother to try and help Nika stand or walk, he just lifted him and threw him over his shoulder in a fireman carry.  Going back the way he came, Audrey didn’t have to use panels to open doors, just turned the handles.

Once back in the main part of the house, he carried Nika up the first flight of stairs.  Just in front of him was another flight of stairs and hallway led to the right and left of him.  Audrey went right, all the way to the end of the hallway and into the Alpha’s study.  The floor was made up of slim planks of different colored metals varying from black to light grey.  The walls were black with murals of fantasy creatures and settings painted on them by the Alpha himself. 

Every single member of the pack, in wolf form, was somewhere on the walls or ceiling.  Four short metal posts were melded to the floor in a rectangular shape.  At each end was a metal ring connected to a short length of thick linked chain, which in turn was connected slim rectangular slab of black stone which served as a desk for the Alpha.  The chairs were straight backed and intricately carved from wood then painted silver.  One chair sat behind the desk and two in front of it.  The Alpha was already sitting in his chair, so Audrey sat Nika in one of the vacant ones.  Once he was sure Nika wouldn’t slide out of the chair, he moved to stand guard behind him.
Nika stared at the floor, shame wafting from him.  The Alpha considered him with a cold silence for a few moments more, then..

“When you repeat yourself again and again and again, the words begin to lose meaning.  The repetition dilutes them.”  His hand fisted on the arm of his chair.  “All this arguing between you and Max.  I say stop, I say cease.  And the two of you go back and do it again.  No words are more important than your Alpha’s.”

The bronze haired wolf stood, then walked out of the room through a door on his right.  When he came back, he stood behind his elevated desk and glared at Nika.

“The two of you sneak away from the den and into the forest to rip and tear at each other, actively going against my will.”  The Alpha reached into his pocket and placed a shiny object on his desk.  “No action is more important than your Alpha’s.”

The object the Alpha had sat on the black stone was a shiny pure silver ingot.  As Nika glanced up enough to see it clearly for what it was, he stiffened up entirely, the weakness seeming to have left his body.

“Alpha--” he started.

“No.  The time for words is over.  Once this is through, you will know why my words are most important and why no action is more important than mine.  If you can’t behave after this, then it is death for you.”

Despite mythological claims, silver was not fatal for werewolves.  Even so, silver could hurt them easier than anything else could and the wounds would heal, but much slower than normal.  Punishing their kind was difficult, them being invulnerable to most things, but the bronze haired wolf had come up with this one.  An ingot of pure silver would be either swallowed willingly by the wolf or it would be shoved down their throat.  The silver block would work its way very slowly through their body, sometimes even taking months.  The waiting and unbearable pain were the point of the punishment.  No sane wolf would even consider being a repeat offender after the silver treatment.

The Alpha picked up the silver block with no sign of pain.  Nika’s muscles bunched and twisted beneath his skin; a body trying to shift that was currently incapable of doing it.  Realizing this, Nika tried to bolt, but Audrey grabbed him with his large hands and wrapped him tightly enough to crack ribs in his bulky arms.  Their Alpha walked closer to them and Nika began to shake his head quickly from side to side, eyes wide and bulging from their sockets.

“Stop moving.”  the Beta growled with menace.  “Or I’ll break you around the middle, crush your neck, and push the silver down your throat, blood, bone and all.”

Nika knew that Audrey never made idle threats, the Alpha’s enforcer couldn’t afford to.  The restrained wolf then held completely still, eyes closed, and mouth opened wide.  His Alpha brought the ingot to Nika’s lips and began to push through.  This skin of his lips hissed and melted, becoming a thick and brownish liquid goop mixed with blood and saliva.  His teeth cracked and broke, falling away in pieces and dust.  His tongue and the inside of his mouth burned and melted, filling his mouth with blood and globs of hot flesh. 

The Alpha continued to push the silver block into Nika’s mouth, pushing his hand in all the way to his wrist.  The ingot was now in Nika’s throat, burning quickly through the skin, causing gobs of flesh to fall away and leave holes behind where you could see the tip of the bronze haired wolf’s fingers.  The Alpha gave one more push, now down to his elbow, then let go.  The silver ingot would finish making it’s way through Nika on it’s own now.  Nika wasn’t screaming anymore, his voice box was all but gone, but his body was shaking and his pain wouldn’t end for a very long time.  The Alpha’s face was stoic, but his eyes showed his pain, anger, and self hatred.

“You will be allowed no pack comfort until your punishment is finished.”  He looked to his Beta.  “Take him back to his cell, then bring Max to me.”

Audrey took Nika from his Alpha’s sight.

Max was bereft of emotion.  He didn’t even muster up enough strength to glare at the Beta when he was taken.  He remained silent and unmoving as he was carried up the flight of stairs and down the hallway to his Alpha’s office.  The Beta sat him down in the same chair that had once held Nika.  Max stiffened in alarm and fear as he caught scent of what had happened there.

“Do not worry, little wolf.” said the Alpha who was sitting across from him.  “That punishment was more suited to Nika; it would break you.  I want you humbled and obedient, not broken.”  He leaned forward.  “Nika is the more dominant of the two of you.  I told you both to stop arguing and you are usually the type to listen.  If Nika was harassing you or your brother--”  Max stiffened even more.  “--then you should have come to me about it.  This thing between all of you has gone on for a while and at no time did you come to me, not one of you.  This tells me that you don’t trust me, as your Alpha, to help you or protect you.”

Max met his Alpha’s gaze in surprise and quickly turned his head away.

“No, Alpha.  I do trust you, I love you.  I just did not want to burden--”

“It is no burden for my pack to lean on me and depend on me.  You say you love me, well I love you and all of my pack.  You can not comprehend the pain and heartache I feel when pack members are fighting and bleeding each other.  You might as well rip out my heart with your own hands.”

Silence filled the room and so did Max’s shame and the Alpha’s pain.

“Since you feel that you can not look to your Alpha for help or trust, I’ve decided to send you and your brother back to your home pack.”

“This pack is our home.” Max yelled.

“No.” the Alpha yelled back.  “It is not anymore.  I will send for one of your kin to come and get you.  Until then you will wait in your cell.  Audrey will bring your brother to you there.”

Max tried to stand, but instead fell onto the hard floor crying heavily.

“No, Alpha, please.  Please don’t send us away.  I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Alpha.  Please, please, please.”

“It is too late for you to come pleading to me.”  the bronze haired wolf said sadly.  “Audrey.”

His Beta nodded and grabbed Max, who screamed and yelled all the way back to his cell.

The Pack Mother is usually an older, more experienced female.  Her job was to see to the domestic side of things in the pack and their den.  She was in all sense of the word, a mother.  The job of the Pack Mother was also to discipline the females of the pack.  The current Mother of the Pack was Jezzi.  She had, of course, been aware of the conflict between Max and Nika, but she hadn’t thought that it would escalate like it had and to cause their Alpha to punish them.  She was the Alpha’s mother too, and she knew how much he loved and adored his pack.  He’d move the world for them and destroy his soul to see them safe. 

The Alpha would be alone and hurting now, not wanting anyone near him.  But Jezzi was Pack Mother and she had a job to do.
When Jezzi found him, he was alone in the tower, sitting on the edge staring out at the sun.  He showed no sign that he had sensed her, but he was Alpha.

“I feel like it should be dark and cold.” he said.  “Or there should be a terrible storm.  And yet it is only afternoon with bright sun and singing birds.”

Jezzi sat down beside him.

“They knew that they would be punished if they disobeyed you Jedrek.”

“They hurt me with their disobedience and so caused me to have to hurt them.  In turn, I was hurting myself because I feel their pain, always I share their pain.”

“Nika has his own beliefs--”

“I’d rather not talk about it, Mother.  All of it is over now.  Not even I can change the past.”

“Well,” Jezzi tried to be cheerful.  “the other packs are sending you more potential mates soon.”

“All Gods be with me, I’m not interested in any of them.  They’re not what I want and if they don’t stop sending them to me, I’ll start giving them back broken and bloody.”
Jedrek’s voice was not exasperated, but completely serious.  Alpha’s do not like to be pressured or haggled by anyone but their pack and even then there was always a breaking point.”

“I’ll speak with their mothers.”  Jezzi said quickly.  “No need to break or bleed anyone.”

“Thank you, Mother.”

“Do you want me to stay out here with you?”

“No, Mother.  Send my Beta to me.”
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