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by marym
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Venus, Goddess of Love, falls for the moon.
It's late January and as I sit relaxing on the balcony, I looked into the evening sky. It's 7 pm in the desert and darkness has fallen. The skies are black and there are no visible shining stars except for lovely Venus. She orbits the sun in 224.7 earth days and is the brightest natural object in the night skies. She's bright enough to cast shadows and is clearly visible in the morning sky and shortly after sunset and is called The Morning and Evening Star. She looms in the southeastern skies not far behind her elusive companion whom she longs for, the Moon.

In the early evening, the moon cradles itself on a hint of moonlight, winking at her and teasing her as she follows behind him with arms open. He glides along the earth's atmosphere surfing the universe on a sliver of light and promises Venus kisses and embraces made in heaven.

Venus is the second planet from the sun and is known as the "Goddess of Love." And unbeknownst to us all, she has been secretly enamored with the moon since the beginning. The Moon very aware of her affection, woos her night after night with coy smiles and outright laughter. He boldly intrudes upon her with elusive affection and magnetic warmth. He tells her stories of moonlit islands, rising and ebbing tides caressing white sand beaches, unreachable mountain tops shrouded in soft pillows of cloud, and snow covered peaks reaching for the heavens glistening playfully in his full moonlight.

He entertains her with stories about the lively parties brewing on the Milky Way and all the attending guests. He fills her heart with wonder about the bright, shining newcomers and the lifelong actors and actresses who are the main attraction. He speaks of the dark, mysterious and magnetic strangers lurking in the forbidden ether. He shows her the cherry novas, the well-dressed comets, the frozen streaming asteroids all mixing together serving delicious Milky Way Martinis. She laughs and reaches for him stretching her elongated body with open arms, and heart dancing to the rhythms, the booms and clashes, the hissing high tones and overpowering low tones of the universal jam.

But Venus is the star performer of her own earthbound celebrations. She is the most original of the Goddesses placed in the Roman pantheon where she embodies sex, seduction, beauty, enticement, and female charm among the community of immortal gods. The etymology of her name comes from the Latin noun, Venus, meaning "sexual love and sexual desire."

Earthlings celebrate her in the month of April corresponding to the opening of trees and flowers in the springtime. In the second century B.C., her image would be removed from her own temple to the men's bath where it was undressed, bathed, and garlanded with myrtle by her female attendants. She was also celebrated by prostitutes, who would bring myrtle and mint and rushes to her temple hidden in rose bunches and ask for beauty and popularity and to be made charming and witty. She was meant to persuade Romans of both sexes and all classes, married and unmarried, to cherish the properties of sexuality and morality designed to benefit the state and also to please other gods. In one context, she changes the hearts of men from sexual vice to sexual virtue and in another, she is the goddess of prostitutes. She is also the Goddess of profane wine for everyday use, in contrast to Jupiter, king of the Gods, who represents the strongest, purest, sacrificial grade wine, and god of the weather upon which the grape harvest depends. And in the "dice" game, or to some, the "craps" game, the luckiest roll of the dice is called a "Venus."

And Venus travels with two companion Goddesses of Love, Ishtar Terra, the Greek Goddess of Love, taking up residence on her southern continent and Aphrodite Terra, residing on Venus's northern continent. Together, they teach Venus lessons of seduction, playfully laughing and talking to her while getting intoxicated on Milky Way Martinis and the dreams of celestial entanglement. It seems the Moon enjoys three intoxicated lovers.

Venus chases the Moon across the heavens every evening and we are privy to a love affair that has continued throughout time. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a lover so exciting and an affair that never ends. Alas, we are fated to watch Venus's pursuit of love as she chases the Man in the Moon.
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