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by Jezri
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Working on creating a new vampire character for a story in progress.
Trying to work out a background story for one of my vampires.

Fat Tony
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

"Hey sugar, do you need some company tonight?"

Marcus shook his head, waving the whore away. He had his eyes on something a bit more enticing. The prostitute followed his gaze to the young pregnant woman being harrassed by Tony's boys.

"You aint gonna get no where's with her. She belongs to Fat Tony. But uh....for a twenty, I could help you get over the disappointment."

"I said, go away," Marcus growled, showing his fangs. The woman stumbled backwards, her hand reaching for the cross she wore around her neck. Her mother had given the talisman to her and it was the only thing she had to remind her of happier times. Now, clutching it in her hand, she held it out towards Marcus, in an attempt to ward him off.

"Don't worry, I don't like the taste of syphalis." Stepping past the hooker, Marcus moved towards the woman.

One of Tony's thugs saw him and turned just enough to reveal the pipe he held in his hand. "This doesn't concern you, so keep walking."

"But it does concern me." Marcus said, stopping just out of reach of the pipe.

"Is this the guy that knocked you up?" The voice came from inside the doorway. A moment later, Fat Tony stepped out. Marcus grinned, baring his teeth. This guy had earned his nickname. This was going to be easier than he first thought.

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