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by Kisha
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A short poem about loving someone that "I love you" cannot be enough
One glance was all it took
Time stood still
My breath stopped
My heart beat twice as fast
I knew deep in my soul
I had found you at last
The joy I felt
Could not be stopped
Love in my heart for you I held
A thousand years
This is what many offer
I would offer it too
But it is not enough for you
So down on my knees
I say this to you
Always, forever
I will love you
Time has lost it's meaning
I am yours since today
Take my hand my love
And I promise to give you the world
Come what may
Let others have their say
I do not care
I love you
Always, forever
My heart bursts with this feeling
For now I see
It is not love
It is something more
Something greater that mere words cannot describe
Always, forever
Those words will have to do
To show how much I love you.
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