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Rated: E · Poetry · Spiritual · #1844304
Ordinary rules of the world do not apply to Lovers...
Kabir is in mortal pain and so sends for a Doctor;
Doctor visits Kabir.

"Doctor, Doctor, I can't bear
"this pain any more.
"I will give you everything
"But set me right before!"

"Doctor do something, anything,
"but cure me of my pain!
"Take whatever you want from me,
"But I should not suffer again!

"I am here and He is there
"parted am I in yearning
"so I meet my only love,
prescribe me something !"

Doctor glances at Kabir with assurance and confidence.
He takes his position beside his patient and begins feeling his pulse.

"Doctor, Doctor, wait a sec
"and listen before you start
"It is not there in my wrist, Sir
"It is here in my heart!"

The Doctor is puzzled.
He cannot diagnose the disease, nor understand what Kabir says.

"Go away, Doctor, away you go!
"It is not your cup of tea.
"One who has given me this pain
"He alone shall set me free!"
Three Dohas of Saint Kabir

Versified in English by:
Umanath Sripad Kakodkar
26th January 2012
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