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Flash Fiction
I was thinking back to the days we spent at college and in particular to the time in-between lectures, when we used to go to the student union for a coffee and something to eat to keep us going.
That was a time when we could meet up with friends and discuss and deconstruct the knowledge that had been passed onto us. It was a time when we all felt important, when we were all moving forward somewhere together. Naturally, we all knew at the end of the course we would have to go our separate ways. But for those few years we were protected. And anyway, there were so many hurdles before the end, it wasn’t even worth thinking about.
We all had opinions about everything. And not just opinions, questions about how the world worked and passionate ideas about how to change it for the better. And because we were young and laid ourselves open we were able to form friendships that would last a lifetime.
But as I lay here now, listening to the breakfast news I am sure I know how the world works and that there is simply nothing I can do to improve it. I’m no longer moving forward, I’m treading water. And when I eventually get the energy to get ready for work, I know I will be facing a day with colleagues, people that I have to eat time and drink problems with. It will be another day where I have to be careful what I say in case it reaches the wrong ears. Opinions, I have found, are dangerous these days.
But it’s not all bad. She is still laying next to me after all these years, all the years since our days in the student union together. And those moments in-between the time we spend at work, well they help me to realise I’m still a powerless, insignificant and very lucky man.
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