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This is the development of Vignette 3, EWW.
The Poem Part

Rindar sat on the outcrop of a ridge overlooking the Buffalo Encampment.  He could see far below where the young boys were confined and thought his plan through for one last time.  He would present himself an hour before dusk hopefully taking the Wardarians by surprise.  Then he world make his announcement and flee for his life.  Several of his friends and relatives had agreed to secure the gate and create impediments within the camp that would slow the pursuit.  He would flee through a hole in the fence and at least get a jump on his pursuers.  Outside, along the route of his flight he had his bow and other essentials as well as caches of food and supplies.

He was early and he sat clearing is mind.  He had been taught by his father how to chant and the proper way of communing with the spirit of his ancestors.  He began the process of reducing his thoughts to short phrases that had meter and rhyme.

Give me strength Great Fathers,  he intoned in a low voice.

Let me know thy will. Let peace abide the spirits, of those I have to kill.  Light my path and guide the aim, of arrow, axe and blade.  And may there walk iwithin me, a warrior unafraid.

He thought back to the day he had first seen Volusia fleeing with her two children.

The wonder you entrusted, I sing eternal praise. Cherished recollections, I’ll cling to all my days. A Woman daughter and a son...unbidden as a vision that came to me as one.

He recalled lying in Volusia’s Arms

My life's complete for knowing the happiness we shared.  When cloudy skies blinked... when sunshine briefly dared…To offer desperation, a fleeting ray of hope, and toss a drowning man a saving line of rope.

He took a deep breath and slowly let it out…

Regardless what the future holds, I hand my soul you.  Take it, make it, break it, give destiny her due... Show wisdom opportunity and honor to these hands.  As tomorrow paints my story in blood upon the sands.
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