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by Jennyj
Rated: E · Assignment · Pets · #1844914
Calvin is at it again!

1. What if Calvin fell off the AC unit, hit his head, and passed out and we didn't know he had fallen because we were asleep?
Calvin usually rakes his claws across my hubby's legs in an attempt to keep his balance during his fall so his antics rarely go unnoticed by one of us! He makes so much noise that we usually hear him on his downward flight! I can't imagine not hearing him, though it is possible. . . .

2. What if Calvin , in his haste to jump back onto the unit, hit the window so hard that he broke it, fell out, and ran off?
This is a very possible scenario. Calvin has only been outside in a yard twice and wouldn't know what to do with himself! He would probably jump back in the window and cry until we attended to him. He is a huge cat who is a chicken at heart and has the smallest voice of the herd!

3. What if, after Calvin fell out of the window, the other 5 jumped out with him?
Only one of our cats, Pumpkin Pie, the 12-year old, has ever been an outside cat. She would be delighted and would run as fast and far as she could . The others would be more timid. The smallest, Ripley, if she went out at all, would have no idea what to do and would be rooted to the spot where she landed; she is developmentally delayed and not a very happy cat to begin with. She is Calvin's daughter. Her "twin," Tipton, is almost as huge as Calvin himself, and is just as timid. They are twins only because they were born to the same cat on the same day. Moopy is the Mommy of Tipton and Ripley; she is 11 years old and timid and frail. She has been outside several times and would be calm but not too active, and would probably not even bother to go out. Alistair, the grandfather of Tipton and Ripley and Calvin's father, has been outside once and would probably run as fast as he could after Pumpkin Pie! We would truly have a zoo-like mess on our hands! (Calvin's Mommy was Belle, Moopy's twin sister, who got out and ran away several years ago when we lived somewhere else,)

4. What if, after he jumped back onto the AC unit, both the cat and the machine fell out of the window and into the front yard?
This noisy disaster would encourage the others to go out as well, with the resulting chaos described above! The fall would not do our AC unit any good; it is due for replacement and this would just hasten the inevitable. I predict that the first out would be Pumpkin, followed quickly by Tipton, then followed rapidly by Alistair. Moopy and Ripley might go to the open window to have a look, but probably wouldn’t go,

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