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by Jennyj
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an unexpected trip at dawn: Calvin is at it again!

Calvin snorted as the small mouse pranced past his sleeping-log. The pesky little beast had been bothering and teasing him for hours, and Calvin decided to re-establish his reputation as a Fierce Hunter and chase the little brat to his much-deserved demise. He took a deep breath and lunged. . .

[CRASH] …and hit the floor with an ignominious thump. DRAT he hissed as he scrambled back hurriedly—but something was all wrong! With a SMACK and a CRACKLE, Calvin went tumbling along with his plastic sleeping-log, AKA the air conditioner, out the window, landing in the yard, sending sod and acorns flying everywhere.

Calvin shook his furry head to clear the haze away from his vision, and looked up in time to see his cousin Pumpkin Pie hurtling past him with a grin on her face and a purr in her throat! Close on her hind paws were Allistair, his father, and Tipton, his rowdy enormous son, both of whom had that uneasy, “liberated-in-spite-of-ourselves” look about them. With nary a look behind them to see if anyone else would follow or if they would be detected, they ran off in different directions despite the chilly early morning drizzle..

“That leaves Ripley, my runt-daughter and Moopy, my wife and aunt,”. Calvin thought. “They never want to do anything fun besides sleep. I am not sure what little Ripley would even do out here! She is barely larger than a baby squirrel! I am not sure why she never grew. She has my enormously long legs and her mommy’s tiny body.”

Calvin, confused and despondent, took another look. “Oh, no! They are both at the window looking out at me. How can I keep them in? Where are Jenny and Rick? And, how will I ever get this machine back inside before they wake up? I’d better think of something fast!: The brave hunter cat attitude in retreat, Calvin pouted and licked his sore paw, a casualty of the unintended tumble.

(edited by Jj to correct family relationships!)
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