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Can India achieve, what it is striving for?
Recently heard about, India- a super power by 2020. Highly optimistic poor Indians, I pity them. “Thought” is good but far away from truth. What kind of super power are we talking about? We might get successful in eradicating poverty, illiteracy, corruption and controlling pollution. Let’s talk about status of women and their safety. It is a small and unimportant issue to most of the people.
                              Last week an 11 year old girl died in an orphanage in New Delhi. Autopsy says habitual sex and unnatural sex. Shame India shame. Two days later a two year old baby girl is admitted in all India institute of medical sciences. The girl has severely fractured skull, fractured limbs, bites marks all over body and cheeks and is in coma. This India cannot be a land of spiritualism but incredible for sure.
  Can India get a tag of super power, when half of its population lives under perpetual fear? Indian women are scared and scarred all the time. Women in India are abused, molested, sexually assaulted and raped. A baby girl in cradle is as prone to sexual crimes as a woman in her eighties or a teenager. Eve teasing and stalking are the least dangerous crimes against women here. Every Indian girl grows with it and it’s a part of her daily life. We suffer in silence and do not open our mouths to protest. As good girls always pretend but never protest.

The worst part of it is that no girl is safe. An infant or an old lady, a student or a house wife, a sari clad or a jean wearing girl, a low income group or an affluent woman, all are equally prone. On the other hand, accused can be a juvenile or an old man, a servant or a master, a penny less vagabond or a rich businessman, an illiterate or highly educated.
              Truth is that Indian women live bravely and at the same time under fear. Women here are not treated with dignity leave alone at par with men. Let’s wake up and fight for our right and dignity. Let’s make our India a super power in true sense by empowering women. Making an India where women are respected and admired. Where, there is no fear in mind or pain in heart and where, head is held high.

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