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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Drama · #1845388
New draft. A man relaxes after commiting a crime...
A young man sat at the bar, nursing his drink as he checked the crowd around him. He smiled, confident in his position as no one knew what had happened earlier today. Confident he'd leave long before anyone found evidence that any act had been done at all, he felt he had all the time in the world to hide. Tonight, he'd just enjoy the freedom he had afforded himself.

The day looked better as he noticed a young woman, barely old enough to be in this bar. She looked like she could be in college or just out of high school. He heard of some young girls sleeping around to pay their way through college. If this girl was one, he wouldn't mind paying this girl's rent for one night with her. The girl held the expression of someone young enough to appear innocent, but enough naughtiness to show her experience. He could tell she had taken other men before, but her youthful appearance made her look like a forbidden fruit, someone those same men she slept with could've gone to jail for sleeping with her. Of course, you normally don't meet someone like that at a bar like here, the bartender wouldn't even let her in otherwise.

She had approached  him, slowly, taking his time as if she was a gift to him. The girl pressed closer to him, as if trying to get a feel for just how excited this man was without anyone else noticing. “So, you seem happy for more than one reason,”

“About to get out of this Hell Hole town,” he told her. “Just enjoying one last night before I leave.”

“Oh, really,” the girl seemed amused. “Perhaps you're more than willing to have a partner to celebrate with?” She looked too cute. She had both the charm of an older seductress and a young high schooler and he loved it.

“Why not?”the man asked. “So, you in school?”

“Nope, waste of time. Just working different jobs. It's not enough to keep going nowadays so I have to sell myself out from time to time.”

“Well, how about this? How much is your rent?” the man asked.

“About $1400,” the girl told him.

The man smiled. From the last job he did, he had more than enough to pay her that and still have more than enough to live off of in a new town. “How about this? I pay your rent, you stay the night with me. I might make it worth your while both financially and pleasurably. A young girl like you should have a good time.”

“I like the idea, but with protection. I don't want your child or whatever else you have in there,” the young woman motioned towards him. “Though, I'd be willing to take it if you had more.”

“You drive a hard bargain. Very well,” the man told her. Then trying to figure out where to take her. “Your place? My luggage is all over my room.”

“I can make do,” the girl told her, letting the man finish his drink before leading him upstairs. The man was surprised to find she lived here. “This used to be where drunks slept off their booze. Not many people do that anymore so I pay rent to sleep here.” she told him. “We could have a full orgy and no one would notice up here.”

“If I had known, I'd have delivered the money to the bartender myself,” he told her.

“That's sweet, but not necessary,” she said, starting to lift her shirt off.

The night bled past in a series of pleasures, some intense but for a few minutes while others were more drawn out. The girl at first had this innocent look that made him want to take her, overpower and make her his slut. However, after a while, it became obvious she wasn't as innocent as she look, taking over when he tired, neither wanting the night to end. After hours of  the girl taking over, both had fallen into slumber, the girl leaning closely against the man, now blindfolded and tied down.

When he woke up, he realized he was still blindfolded and tied down. He tried pulling himself loose, but he found the girl had tied him to the bed real well, both his feet and hands tied to posts. His naked body exposed to the air conditioning. He tried blindly fighting free only for someone to rip off the blindfold.

The morning met him with several officers surrounding the bed, the girl nowhere to be found. Some officers were already looking over the man's belongings, finding his wallet was emptied of cash.

“Your under arrest, for the rape and murder of the Jane Doe that was found yesterday and soliciting to prostitution.”

“Wait what? How did you...?”

“Anonymous tip, even came with some rather incriminating photos. Whomever did this was smart enough  to keep the whore from being ID'ed, too.”

The man wanted to kick himself for trusting such a girl so much that the police had to hold him down on the bed, many reluctant to do because of the man's undressed state.

Outside among the city, the girl only smirked at what she did, pocketing the money she took from the murderer. The last night excited her, knowingly letting a murderer have her, but in the end, the result was useless. “Another scumbag bites the dust,” she said as she walked down the street, looking around for a new potential target.
© Copyright 2012 Izumi Ryu (cgalbreath at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1845388