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by Airdi
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This is a story I'm trying to write. I will post in on here piece by piece.
    Entering this year, I expected my normal, average life as usual. Who knew things would be different? Walking into my first class, brought the typical looks of disgust mixed with a few looks of curiosity. As with every year, I knew there would be a few brave souls that would attempt communication with the "weird" chick. I knew it would wear off and they'd leave me be after a week or so. I sa, as usual, in the back where less students had toe opportunity to gawk. As I sat, the guy next to me started talking.
    "Hello beautiful," he whispered. Who could blame him? From the outside, I'd been told I was every guy's dream. I stood 5'8" with a slim figure, ivory skin that never knew a blemish in it's 16 year old life, long ebony hair (dyed, but I'd never admit to that) that cascaded down my back. I was always told I had a baby face and high cheek-bones. However, I always felt, my eyes were my best feature. They were nearly cerulean, and as clear as Hawaiian waters.
    "Hi," I muttered in return. His face seemed to light up at the acknowledgement. I tell he wasn't about to drop it at that, but class had started. Thankfully, I decided to sit back in my seat and space out. The first day of every year was just introductions anyway. The teacher prattled on until the intercom sounded off.
    "Would Alex please report to the principal's office?" Great, right on my first day. I got up, slipped out of the room, down the vacant halls and to the office as requested.
    The front office was your typical lay out. The walls were a light salmon color. It contained the usual extra long table with several small desks behind it, occupied by white haired women with nothing better to do with their lives. The long desk in the front was cluttered with announcement papers taht would never be looked at and a small ceramic jar filled with "old lady" candies that would never be eaten.
    "what can I help you with?" grimaced one of the old hags.
    "I was called to see Mr.Strauss."
    "Have a seat."
    I sat in one of the uncomfortable brown chairs against the wall and awaited my turn. I swear this is a tactic they used to make you wonder what the hell you'd done to warn a meeting with the principal; just a scare tactic. In fairness, it probably a good one for less frequent visitors. I, however, should have my own designated chair. There was always some rumor of something I had done. Why not? I was already the weird outcast of the school as it was. I was just happy to have a regular break from all the staring and distant muttering.
    Finally, I hear, from the other side of the room, I hear, "MR.Strauss will see you, Alex."
    I stood up from the chair while whispers floated, no doubt, wondering what I'd done now. "Good morning, Miss. Star." I flashed him a small smile and noticed my parents and a woman I'd never seen before were occupying the room as well. I wonder what this is about...
    "Alex, my name is Julie and I have a once in a lifetime offer for you." I simply looked as her with a tinge of curiosity. She continued. "We are opening a new school for gifted students, such as yourself. Gifted? What was she talking about?
    It's okay, baby. Listen to what she has to say." My mother's voice voice rang after sensing my distress.
    "I assume you know, Alex, you have nothing to fear. I am offering you a chance to learn how to control your special talent so you can-"
    "Special talent?!? You mean the "talent" that made me kill Jace?! THAT is no talent. It;s a God damn curse and the ONLY way to "control" it, is to stay the hell away from people." As I spoke, I heard the shelves behind me rattle. A normal occurrence since I was a young child when I got worked up. I sat down, exhausted and panting.
    "Jace was not your fault, Alex," Julie soothed. "How were you to know?"
    "How can I control this?"
    "By coming with me."
    Julie discussed the where and when with my parents, and promised that I'd receive the same scholastic information as other schools. I was no longer listening. I was too busy remembering Jace, and the look on his face, as he died in my arms.
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