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I watched as she stumbled sloppily into the window. She fell and kicked over school books on to the floor, then sits up, her dyed black hair in a tangled mess consuming her face, the wide, bright blue eyes that used to question the world, sparkle and smile at everyone were now red, blood shot and glossed over. Her lips were painted a deep red, the sweet half smile that used to light a room was now a smirk. A boy, much to old for my dear Veronica, climbed through the window, and they giggled and tripped over each other until they reached the bed. As they kicked and flailed around she managed to push me off the bed. It was fine with me, I didn't want to witness the lying, deceiving beast that she had morphed into lately anyhow. I reminisced about when she was younger, and happy. She would come and make tea cups with the animals and I. I was her favorite, she would call me Captain Teddy, and sleep with me every night. Now, the only time she noticed me was in a fit of anger and I was thrown across the room. I watched her grow older, taller and smarter. Until one day she changed, she didn't smile, or laugh. She didn't play tea with us, and she began doing horrible things to her arms with razor blades. I watched as she lied with the tongue of a snake to her quickly aging mother, jumped out the window at night, and snuck back through in the wee hours of the morning. Tonight was different somehow though. I lay there for a long time, on the floor, but when the boy left, she grabbed me. She held me, and hugged me close. I absorbed many mascara tainted tears tonight. Finally, she sat me on the edge of the bed. But... No!

         'Veronica!' I wanted to cry, 'what are you doing? Please don't do this!'

I watched in silent horror, as my dear sweet Veronica swallowed more pills than her frail body could handle, I watched as she took the blade, and stained her bedspread with scarlet life... I finally seen her smile again, as she turned her head toward me, and clutched my paw. Slowly, painstakingly, my dear Veronica breathed her last breath, and, clutching me tightly to her side, left this world with a smile on her face..
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