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The story behind my Poem "An Angel's Wing".

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Four Feathers

I found a feather in the yard,
A feather from a white dove's wing,
I gazed upon it long and hard,
And thought I heard an Angel sing.

I wrote a poem there and then,
About the things I'd felt and seen,
I gave it to a much-loved friend,
To ask her what it all could mean.

She said, "Is that an Angel there?"
I said, "I wrote it just for you."
She answered, "It must be a prayer,
For I've got one to give to you."

She kept a pheasant on a bed,
It had been injured in the lane,
She showed me feathers it had shed
While being nursed to health again.

She picked four feathers from the pen,
And placed them in my outstretched hand,
As I held them, it was then
That I began to understand.

"Here's one for Lucy, one for you,
One for Jessica to keep,
One for Kieran's pillow too,
So Angels watch them while they sleep."

I felt so blessed by this sweet gift,
And all the goodness in my sight,
Her kindness gave my heart a lift,
And made the day a shared delight.

An Angel's Wing  (E)
The daily comfort we receive from the presence of Angels around us.
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