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I relate motivation with a star and the universe connecting the two to inspire people
There is no such thing as a regret
Unless you are god and knew better than you let
Who is god, and what are we?
The universe that created us; organisms with powers;
you see..
It is much less complicated than we perceive
But it is our nature; To begin so naive
When I say you're a star, then that's what you are
Burning for your earning; so close yet so far
Motivation upon goal; you fuel your soul
Ignite the spark and reach for your mark
Why is it night when stars shine so bright?
It is much too easy to hide in the dark
What's in it alark
It's a simple fear
A monster too near...
Your conscience; Will DEFEAT you, EAT you, and DECEIT you
For what you decide, you should never hide
It will pull you inside if you ever let go
It is the black hole that will devour your soul
Pull out your pride and go along for the ride
We're only granted one of these
A life we must abide
Don't let this one slide, you could be the whole world's guide...
By whitnai stone.
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