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The experience of a girl being raped by the police forces in Iran
Scene 6

“You look so unsure!” Alex told Jenna.

”I’m over sure airhead!” she replied. He took her luggage and put on the trolley. 

“But you don’t smile today!” he said.

”Ok! Well, I had a very bad sex experience Saturday night with an ass-kisser guy!” she blinked and grinned.

” Good, I bet he loved the taste of your ass!” he laughed out loud. She punched his arm.

”You’re a bastard!” she said angrily.

”Shhh! Why you’re shouting? You want everybody knows what did you do last night? You were completely satisfied! You know that!” he told her with a naughty smile.

”I don’t understand why you beg to convoy me to the airport? Huh? Go away! I can carry the luggage myself!” she taunted.

“I wanted to say good-bye to your sweet back!” he laughed again.

“I’m so happy I would never see you again, at least for a period jerk! I hope to be arrested and hanged in Iran but don’t sleep with you one more time!”She pushed him away and showed her ticket to the check-in officer; Alex put her luggage on the tray-table, and she got the flight pass from the officer.

“Here you are, sir!” Alex told the officer, Jenna looking at the ticket in his hand with half-open mouth.

”You psycho!“ She threatened,” what the hell are you doing?” she continued angrily.

”Showing my ticket mate!” he answered.

” I swear you! If you be my travel mate, I will go back home!” she said.

“Oh! Really! That would be a great pleasure madam!” he took his flight pass and walked away,” gate, 11, that way!” he spoke loudly to himself.

She ran to him and grabbed his wrist” you don’t wanna come to Iran, do you?” She asked surprisingly.

“Yes, I do! I have a photojournalism mission to Iran, wanna report the green movement after election!” he answered.

“But you won’t come, go back home Alex! “She said like she was threatening.

“I can’t madam; I had this mission since last week! Maggie gave it to me!” he said.

“Last week? Then why didn’t you tell me? Huh? “She shouted.

“Calm down, calm down! If I told you that, then would you give me a sex chance last night?!” He giggled.

Jenna walked to the gate 11, did not want to think he would be his journey mate for at least two months. She was regret about Saturday night” he knew it! He knew he would come and didn’t tell me to have sex with me! Jerk!” she murmured. She sat on a seat in the departure lounge, think nothing but Alex. He was happily trying to buy something from a food dispenser, his camera hanged on his shoulder, khaki bag-pack on his back, in a white T-shirt and a dark lint Jean, looks like a real tourist. He punched the air cheerfully and grabbed two coke cans, moving to her. She grated her teeth and gaze at him. “What? Don’t want a diet coke? Dig in!” he sat next to her and passed the coke.

”You should’ve told me about it! You just wanted to deceive me!” she said and sighed.

“Oh? Why you sigh? You lost your virginity to me? I didn’t get anything by force! You’re the one who always asked for sex! Forget that?” he smirked.

”Shut up!” She replied.

“You should wash your mouth; you use so many taboo words during your precious speeches lately!” he said and drunk some coke.

”You are a jerk, Alex!” she shook her head.

”And you’re a sexy peach! You know how to satisfy a man! “He taunted.

”I said shut up! It was you who deceit me!” she yelled.

”Why you always speak so loud? You really want everybody to know what a sex bunny you are, right? “He laughed.

“I don’t wanna remember that night ever! Ugh!” she reacted.

“Oh man! You hate that? So may I ask you why you thank me for satisfying you? “He asked. She turned her head, disinclined to look at him, “Come on girl! I’m sorry! I was joking so much! I do apologize!” he pleaded and grabbed her hand.

She pulled it, “I really like you girl, even more than a friend, why not getting married? I’m not joking!” he looked serious; she shook her head.

”Please! Just forget that night! It will never happen again! I told you, we’re just friends, and I love men only because of sex and nothing more! Now, shut your mouth and don’t joke anymore!” she said.

”I’m not joking,” he muttered.

“I said shut up! Alex!”

  Scene 7

         She was still yawning; it was early morning, felt so drowsy.

”Let me help you gurl!” Alex told her and held her arm. She put her head on his arm.

“I’m dog tired! I shouldn’t take that pill!” she murmured.

“Don’t worry, and just cover your hair. We’re in Iran.” He asked. She tried to keep her eyes open, looked around; People, mostly in dark clothes, walked in chaotic rush through the airport hall. 

“Like a hill of ants! Look at them!” She said, “All in black!”

They moved to the gate; she hung to his arm, “seems we should separate, there is men and women sign,” he pointed.

“Yeah! Like we are going to rest-room!” she said and smiled. She went through the door which covered with a thick heavy curtain; two women in black veils came close, and check her.

”What is this clothes you wore? Huh? You think you’re in a fashion show?” one of them asked harshly; Jenna shockingly stared at her.

“In a fashion show? What do you mean?” she asked. She wore a long lousy yellow dress and a white scarf that hardly showed her messy hair and a skin Jean, clothes which she would not dare to wear even in her bedroom.

“What? Is it funny?! Am I joking? You act the way you’ve never been in Iran!” she said impolitely.

”But I’m like a clown in these messy lousy clothes! What’s wrong with them?!”She smirked.

“You’re making fun of me? As you said, you’re the clown, so, we should laugh at you, right sister?” she told to the other woman, and they laughed. Jenna tried to control her anger.

“You don’t have the right to insult people madam!” she said angrily.

”What?! Who are you to tell me what’s wrong or right, huh?” she yelled. Her brown big lips were shaking like a worm, “brother, check her luggage!” she asked the man on the other side of the curtain. “Go through that door. You’re suspicious!” she told and push her. 

Jenna was not surprised, because she has heard about such acts before, but was absolutely irritated; no one ever was such rude to her.

“Jenna!” Alex called her,” did they asked to check your baggage too?” he asked.

”Yeah, those nasty crows even insulated me!” she answered.

“Really? Men were good; at least, I couldn’t understand Farsi! “He said.

“Yeah, lucky you, they really have no sense of politeness! “She said.

“So, it’s why you’re such rude! It’s your Persian blood!” he laughed.

“No time for joking! Mind how you go!” she told him angrily, and they moved through the way to checking part. Alex put her luggage and his own bag-pack on the checking table, and a man, thin, with long nose and dark beard come to check it.

”I have nothing here, please don’t mess everything up!” she asked.

“I’m not in mood for such matters! Open it up!” he said impolitely, she opened her baggage, and he checked it with a long piece of metal, like he is checking a pile of dog shit.

”What do you have here?” he asked.

”My personal stuff!” she replied.

”Where were you?” he asked while bringing up a red bra.

”France,” she answered.

”How long have you been there?” he questioned.

”Why do you ask me such odd questions? You just should check my luggage, and that’s all!” she said surprisingly.

”I have to check your baggage and ask you the questions. It’s my job. Give me your passports, you too.” He asked and brought his hand like a beggar. They gave their passports.

“You’re not Iranian?!” He looked strangely at their French passports.

“No, we are French!” she replied.

”So, may I ask you, why you speak Farsi very well?” he gazed at her.

“Well, you seem, have to ask so many other personal questions. He is originally French, and I was born in France. My mother and father were Iranian,” she answered with hesitation.

”Where are they now?” he asked again.

“Well, you really need to know?” she asked angrily.

”Yes,” he said calmly,” my mother has passed away, “she said.

”What are you doing in Iran then?” he questioned.

”We are journalists!” she said proudly.

”Journalist? Came here to create rumors about Iran? Why you are in Iran?” he asked.

“We just are here for an interview, don’t worry about politics. We don’t have anything with that! We are simple journalists, and that’s all!” she admitted.

”Ok, what is your relationship? “He wondered.

”Oh! He’s my co-worker. I won’t be surprised if you ask what is my under pants color in your next question!” she blustered. He gave her a strong look, pushed her luggage and gave their passports back “Can we go now?!” She asked.

”Yeah, go! But remember! Curiosity killed the cat!” he commented. She smiled rudely and closed her luggage zip, and Alex took her luggage.

”What's cooking!” he looked confused.

“Nothing but a bunch of bullshit! Hang him!” she replied.

”It’s the security system. Don’t worry gurl! They do the same thing in Israel. When I was there for the first time, they captured and quarantine me for three days! Iran’s so better than there!”He declared, grabbed her hand firmly, “don’t worry about anything; I’m here to protect you honey! You finally understand it!” he tried to calm her down. She smiled back.

“Hope so! “She said.

Scene 8

Iran, the way she has read in the books or seen in the news, showed itself gradually through the manner, words, attitudes and behaviors of its people. The deep rich historical culture of Iran, the hospitability of people and so many other things that most of the tourists or Iranian that lived outside of Iran explained about there, looked unrealistic, or at least, irrelevant to the present generation. Sunlight was like a naked woman, showing all her body without hesitation; the weather was extremely hot. The airport was located outside of Tehran , in a desert-like place, with no green view or beautification. After that warm welcome from security police at the airport, Jenna saw everything black and white, something spiritless and emotionless. She, in hope of finding her father, tried to adapt herself in the new situation, hot weather, unveiled sun, clothing called Hejab and the Iranian mannerism, “it’s just the start,” she thought.

”I don’t think we have fun in this piece of hell!” she told Alex.

“Well, at least, we are in a civilized country and not in the Mashco-Piro Indians  tribe! Let’s have fun in a way of a journalist! Don’t wrecked it!” he said, and as soon as they got out of the airport main door, a group of taxi drivers came close, tried to patter English, like a group of circus clowns curve and act to make people laugh.

“What they are trying to say?” he asked.

”Well, tried to speak something like English, I think!” she replied, and started to speak Farsi.

Alex was surprised, and looked happy,” I’m a star! Where are the cameras then?!” He complained.

“Don’t try so hard, I’m Iranian!” she yelled to the circle of men.

”Oh, Sugar! We thought you’re foreigners!” one of the drivers with a goatee beard said.

” Where do you wanna go?” the other with a yellow cap asked.

“We are going to Tehran Great Hotel, in Takhte Tavoos Street.” She responded.

”Oh, Hotel Tehran? Ok! 100 Dollars or 100 Euro!” He suggested, Jenna bitterly smiled and turn to Alex, who felt like a real Brad Pitt on the red carpet.

“Can you believe they wanna fleece us? They don’t even know the difference between Dollar and Euro!” she told in French to Alex.

“Really? It’s another part of your blood!” he giggled.

“Shut up!” she replied, “well; I live in Iran and I know about the taxi rates, so I should call the police because of the rate your suggesting!” she scolded, the taxi drivers started to defeat themselves while Jenna showed a woman who laid back to a yellow taxi, smoked and tried to act like men, “I wanna go with her!” she requested; men angrily spoke, argued and tried to reduce their costs, but Jenna did not care about them, and continue her way to the woman, “are you a driver?” she asked.

“Yes, where are you going?” she requested; her voice was warm, like a singer who played with your emotion.

“Hotel Tehran,” she answered.

”Ok, 20 dollars,” she suggested. ”Fine, let’s go!” she accepted, and get in the taxi. She played a music CD, and started the car, through her half cigar out and moved on, “is it ok? Music,” she asked.

”Yeah, good!” Jenna replied.

”You’re not Iranian, your style, face, your husband,” she asked; Jenna smiled, “curiosity! Another deep rich Persian culture!” she thought.

“Well, I’m Iranian, my co-worker, who looks really dispirit, is French.” They both laughed.

”What? What you told her about me?” Alex asked.

”Nothing! “She replied.

“But you pointed me!” he wondered.

”Believe me! Nothing!” she replied with a meaningful smile.

”Ok, Point taken!” he said and continue his photography.

”I wonder what he captures with his camera. “The driver asked, Jenna laughed.

”Me too, maybe he’s never seen a desert like this before!” she added.

”I think so!” the driver replied. Persian music, absolutely fast and rhythmic, was harmonic with all ups and downs of the highway, like a belly dancer, the car shook its body every five second. Jenna fell asleep, unable to control herself and watch the country where her parents was born, a place that always was a mystery for her, like the stories of 1001 nights. Instead, Alex has started his journey; he was a traveler and could match himself with any kind of situation immediately, and also he was a man and the limitations for him was less. He eagerly took shots of desert, factories, huge dusty trucks, the fruit sellers along the highway and even the road signs.

Scene 9

         In the next morning, Jenna in her sport clothes, looking through her room’s window “it’s different; it’s absolutely a disaster!” she spoke to herself. The street was full of security guards in black suits, big, freaky Kawasaki motorcycles moving around, roaring like hungry lions and beating young protesters with iron batons. Jenna was shocked, and froze for several minutes, watching the crime a police force committed against innocent people who just thought they are fighting for their rights! The people screaming, running, some under police force kicking; broken nose, red bloody T-shirts, cry. Jenna put her hands on the face and after some seconds unhidden her face, it was not a nightmare or a bad dream. It was a reality show she was watching. She ran out of the door, to the last room in the corridor, knocked the door precipitately, and after Alex opened the door, she rushed into the room, walked uncertainly, look through the window, one hand on her waist, the other scratching her forehead.

“Relax! What’s the matter girl?” Alex came closer.

“Have you seen what’s cooking in the streets? Those bastards are punching innocent people; so many are arrested, did you see?” she snarled and Alex held her arms.

“Calm down girl! It’s the situation in Iran for over two months. You’ve already known that!” he tried to calm her down.

”Let go of me!” she shouted and moved to the window and pointed, “come and see! They are arresting and injuring people; we should do something!” she argued and Alex shook his head.

“Come on! What can we do? We are here to report something and find your father! It’s our purpose, not helping some riotous people!” he replied.

“Riot? They are trying to gain their right! That’s all. You’re stone Alex, I’m going to help them myself!” she said and rushed to the door; Alex grabbed her arm.

“What the hell are you doing? You’ve a gun? A huge governmental support? Are you a super heroin or something? You’re a simple lady who just could be arrested the same way the other do! Be rational gurl!” he said seriously.

Jenna sat on the bed; her heart was beating so fast “I don’t know why I feel very bad about all these? I almost couldn’t sleep well last night and in the morning, when I decided to go for a morning run, I saw people in the streets through the window! I just can’t believe it’s such serious! It’s not a scandal or something. Iran’s facing another bloody revolution. I don’t like people harm that way!” she covered her face with hands and sighed; Alex sat next to her, hugged her head.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you look like a little mouse in the trap, where is that wild tiger?” he said. She let him to hug her completely, needed a warm secure place.

“I’m so worried about all these Alex. I’ve never could be the witness of such governmental acts against human rights; I can’t be!” she murmured.

”Don’t worry! People should fight to gain their rights; it’s the rule! “He replied. She stood.

“We should at least report everything. We should show the world what is real and what is fake!” she said.

“We’ll do it babe! Don’t worry!” he admitted.

“What people! I really can’t understand why police acts like this! I hate the governments, and all the things related to it. Whatever nations are bearing is governments fault!” she assumed.

”Yeah! However, it’s better to keep your anarchic ideas for yourself now; I’m hungry like a horse! Let’s have breakfast first!” he said cheerfully.

         Jenna could not even eat a piece of bread,  was thinking about what was happening in the streets, even if she tried to forget; the sounds of gunshots, roaring of motorcycles, screaming, the smell of burned tubes were the things dragged her mind to the street next to the hotel. She stood up.

“I can’t stay here anymore, at least let’s go to my father address!” she said, Alex cleaned his lips and laid back.

“Don’t be so impatient! You’ve never been like this before!” he responded.

“Alex, please! If you’re not going to do something, then I’ll do it myself!” she said.

“Well, ok! But what about the interview? Isn’t it the first thing you should do?” he asked.

“No, I’m not here for a job! I’m here to find my father first!” she answered.

“Ok, you’re the boss!” he said. They took a taxi in hotel and got out. The streets were in a real riot, of course some parts of the city and the main streets. There were groups of young people, boys and girls, in green clothes or at least some parts of their clothes were the same color, had Neda Agha Soltan and Mousavi  banners and flags in their hands, and shouted “I want my vote back!” Jenna was eagerly watching; her brain was a video camera and recorded all the scenes she saw, on the other hand; Alex was taking photographs through the car window. Finally, they arrived in the streets that were calm; people did shopping normally like nothing is happening on the other side of the city, some boys and girls in expensive cars having fun, the other just sell Dollars and Euros.

“This is the street you mentioned miss!” said the taxi driver.

”Can you find Mansoury lane? “She requested.

”Sure miss!” he replied.

After searching some lanes, they found the house. She asked the taxi to leave, because she needed some times to spend in this neighborhood. Jenna took off the car and went to the door, an iron brown old door among long medium red-brick walls was in front of her, and some dry grape branches covered the top of the door and walls.

“it’s a big brown iron door, beautiful purple grapes, wild red roses and green leaves hanging on the door and the walls; it is your grandfather house,” she remembered her mother’s voice while she was in the hospital, Jenna gulped and pressed the door bell; no sounds. She tried several times, but it looked at the electric bell was broken.

”what’s the matter?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know, seems the bell is broken!” she replied and tried knocking the door.

“It’s an abandoned house; I don’t think anybody lives here!” he said,” Maybe it’s better to ask people.”

It was like a glimmer to her and started her questioning from the first pedestrian she saw,” sir, excuse me, do you know the family who lives here?” she asked.

” I think it’s a long time no one live here,” he replied and gone, she waited for another.

”Miss, do you know the family who lives in this house?” she said.

”No, sorry, I’m new here. I think it’s better to ask the mosque; they are the people who know about everything happen here,” she suggested.

”Thanks” She replied, “Let’s go to the masque Alex! It’s praying time!” she laughed.

Scene 10

         The mosque was located at the end of the lane, where the main street appears. The sound of Allaho Akbar , meant praying time is started, and you could see some old men, and women was entering the mosque for doing their praying. Jenna went through the women door, had to take off her shoes before entering; the smell of rosewater mixed with the smell of foot odor make a disgusting atmosphere which she could barely breathe easily. She kept her breathe and walked fast across the doorway to enter the hall. Women in colorful veils sat on the rows on the floor which covered with huge Persian carpets; talking and gossiping about everything. Jenna sat next to the oldest woman she found.

“Excuse me; I need to ask some questions.” She asked; the woman gave her a strange look.

“What do you need?” she replied rudely.

”Well, I need to know about some people who live in the neighborhood,” she said.

”Oh! You are researching for marriage? Is your brother getting married? God bless him.” She laughed.

”Well, yes. I want to know about the Malekpour family, who lived in –“the woman interrupted,” I don’t know anything!” she covered her face with her veil and start praying.

”So, will you tell me who may know about them?” she requested, the woman pull her veil more down.

”Ask Haj Nasrollah, Allaho Akbar!” she replied and stood up hardly, seems she was suffering from a foot ache or something.

Jenna went out of the mosque, joining Alex, who sat on the ground in front of the mosque wiping the lens of his camera,” Alex, I think we should talk to a man and should wait for a while till they come out.” She said.

”That’s ok!” he smiled. After 30min waiting, people start coming out of the mosque, men and women together, chatting and laughing,” I wonder why they pray separately when they join after that?” Alex asked.

Jenna target an old man “excuse me sir, do you know Haj Nasrollah?” she asked.

“Yes, my daughter. He is inside, answering young students’ questions,” he replied.

“Thanks, sir!” she delighted and went to the mosque door again, went inside the men’s door. The men praying hall was almost empty; the smell of body sweat, foot odor and rosewater was even more irritating here, “I wonder if they wash themselves before praying!” she thought. She tried to find the man she was looking for, but she saw a circle of youngsters around a middle-aged Mullah on the corner of the hall.

She got close,” excuse me!” she asked with a loud voice, all turned back to see her,” are you Haj Nasrollah?” she asked; the Mullah smiled.

”Yes, sister “he replied.

“I have some questions,” she mentioned.

”Well, if it is about Islam and related topics, here I am to answer, but if it is anything else, I’m sorry!” he responded.

”No, actually I’m looking for someone, they told me, and maybe you could help me. “She said.

” Who are you looking for?” he asked.

”I want to know about Malekpour family; I went to their house, but nobody answered me!” she wondered.

”Oh! Well, ok brothers, it’s better to finish our class today. I am so tired and maybe we can talk tomorrow?” he requested; the youngsters followed his order, and he strolled to her,” well, I am new in this mosque, but – “he stopped and while he looked at her face,” – may I ask who you are?” he asked.

”Um, I – “she paused; she dislike to introduce herself, “I am a friend of the daughter of Malekpour family, an old friend,” she replied; he looked at her for a while, deep, strange and suspicious.

”But their daughter could be the same age of your mother!” he questioned, Jenna stared at his eyes directly.

”I am looking for them, please tell me what you know!” she said.

”I’m new here sister; I don’t know so much!” he replied. Jenna looked very uncertain, tried to create a lie or a story to persuade him to talk, but she could not do it suddenly.

” I need information. I should meet them, please tell me!” she pleaded.

”But sister, how am I supposed to talk about a family to a stranger. I don’t know you!” he denied telling anything.

”I need to find a man called Soorena, in fact; I am his daughter’s friend.” She said.

”His daughter?” he wondered.

”So, you know something about him, right?” she asked.

”But I don’t think he has a daughter!” he looked confused.

”Please, I should find him. His daughter is so sick and need to see him before she died!” she added.

”Oh, I’m sorry! Allah blesses him! I don’t know so much, I’ve not seen him for ages; he was my classmate in school and my old friend, but after I attended to Howzah,  I didn’t see him anymore. Even so, I know something. He was a great lawyer and went to India for a job, and I’ve heard he came back to Iran. I don’t know what happened that his family moved to another city suddenly without any further notice, they were a well-known family; everybody loved them here but actually, I don’t know why this happened." He looked very thoughtful.

”They left this house? Don’t you know where they have gone?" she asked.

”No!” he replied.

“What about Soorena, do you know anything about him? Is he in Iran now?” she asked.

”I don’t know for sure, but I think he might be in Iran now; I can remember – about five years ago, there was a legal case about a woman who was sentenced to death for spying in Iran for Americans – and he was her lawyer; I saw him in TV. “He described and Jenna was eager to hear more; it was about her father, at least he was alive five years ago, and he was in Iran.

”And you don’t know where can I find him?” she asked.

”I have no idea sister; I really like to meet him again. He was a good intelligent man, so strong willed, faithful and successful. I’m sorry; I can’t help you more!” he said, Jenna thanked him and sighed. It was something new about her father, but where she could find him? A sudden happiness changed to a deep sorrow, confusion and hopelessness. She tried to put her sport shoes on; Alex was taking shots of some rude little boys who were showing their tongues to the camera, and she bitterly smiled.

“Sister!” Haj Nasrollah called, Jenna turned to him.

”I think someone may know about them, Haj Karimi, who was front prayer here, in place of me. He is in the hospital now. Maybe he could help you! He was Soorena father’s best friend and was here when they left. He is in Milad Hospital, in room 202”He grinned. She wanted to jump and hug him, but she controlled herself; she smiled beautifully.

”Thanks so much. Thanks a million. It’s very important for me to find him. Thanks for your help.” She repeated.

”It’s ok, but promise me that if you find him, send my regards to him,” he indicated.

”Sure! So long!” she promised. She happily ran to Alex, shook his shoulder and ruined his shot.

”Wow, crazy girl! What the hell you’re doing?!” He said.

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