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by Neda
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A poem of today's bitter facts of humankind life
Look at horizon red line in the sunset
Look at those last flying birds gone to the sunset
Listen to the falling rain drops
Listen to their last song in the sunset

Here, the world’s changed; anything’s reversed
Anything’s dead; anything’s end

Humans even forget breathing
The time, also, forget passing
The earth forgets rounding
The seasons forget changing

The trees are slept in the world of silence
The kids color pencils paint pale and colorless
The light of days changed to the night’s darkness
The nature songs are lifeless, rivers are motionless

The world of human is the world of iron now
The worlds of hearts are the world of money now
The world of peace is the world of war now
The world of life is the world of death now

And where has humanity gone?
Can you find this word on any tongue?
Is there a heart not tempting wrong?
Can you sing me a song?

Stare at your lover’s eyes, is there any spark?
Can you find any serious temptation, not lark?

No, the world‘s so silent, like a dark scary silent hill
Humans are wolves, are violent, try to kill
Humans, hearts, wishes, liberty and kindness
In this dark hill, how alone is a human that has humanity will
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