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This came from my imagination so don't criticize it too much. This is about Europe ok?
It was all over, the renevents had made their way into the city of Sirus. It wouldn't be long before the king would be over-run. I would be safe because of my skills as a myrmidon. I went to the wardrobe where i kept my shamshir. I took it out and took a long look at its dull blade. I made my way down the steps towards the sharpener. I put my sword on it and the sparks flew off as the blade became sharp. I got my holder and it easily slid into it. After the accident had happened in Za'ha Woods, I would have never taken this sword back out, but now, it seem like I must keep it out at all times now. I slowly walked out of the door, checking my corners for renevents. The trees had decayed from the rotten smell of the foul beasts' flesh and breath. I had taken nothing else out of the house except for my armor, shamshir, holder, and myrmidon medal. I walked down the cobblestone road, watching everyone run from their houses. I could tell i was reaching the heart of the city because renevents were becoming more common. Whenever one would come up to me, I would whip out my shamshir and rip right through its midsection, splitting it in two. By the time I had reached the palace, I had sliced and diced so many renevents that my shamshir was full of blood already. I ran through the halls, slicing any renevents that was blocking my path. Whenever there was a wall of them, I jumped onto the wall and ran right past them. As I found the King's Keep, I found myself battling a Bael, a giant spider. It was difficult to defeat, but I killed it without haste. When I walked in the chamber, the king had already been surrounded by those foul beasts. This was nothing to me and i just ran in a circle and sliced them all.
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