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this is a kind of comical attempt at poetry about my pet parrot who talks.
My African Gray
by Lisa Noe

I’ve got a bird and that bird does speak,
She says the craziest things with her beak.
She whistles and yells for all to hear,
And every word is very clear.

She says she wants a little bite,
I’ll tell you she is a delight.
She drinks coffee from a spoon,
She even dances when I give her room.
She tries to sing a song so sweet,
But that is something she can’t complete.

My parrot is an African Gray
And there’s not much that she can’t say.
She’s pretty smart and really cool,
You would almost think she’s been to school.

Her name is Katie, my feathered friend
I'll be by her side till the very end
She's quite unique and very fine
A special addition to this heart of mine

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