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She's still got it

          "In seventeeth-century England, a radical philosophical defense
    of individual rights emerged that owed little to either classical or
    Biblical sources. Rather, it consciously started with the biological
    individual in a 'state of nature' and derived a social order from the actions
    of such individuals, first in relation to nature and then in relation to one
    another. John Locke is the key figure and one enormously influential in
    America." (Habits of the Heart; Individualism Ch 6:143.)

        "Oh, Muzzy. I love when you talk about humanism .. It so..
    animalistic." Anne Rice crawled across her study in her nylon leopard
    cat suite. Muzzy put down his book and pet her hair.

          "I know there is a God. And we must be obedient." she paused and
    bit her lower lip, "But, I want to be wild!" Anne lept up on her knees and
    shook her hair and growled. Muzzy cupped her breasts .. and stroked
    them gently. .. "You mustn't confuse the world view and the supernatural."
    Muzzy said calmly as he kissed her face and nipples.

          "The Jews!" she exclaimed in orgasm.

          "Are a people, who adapt to their conditions. Have you thought about
      all the young inner city people, who have been saved by the discipline of
      Islam? There are many faiths and many ways to seek out a balanced world
      view." Muzzy put Anne over his lap spanked her lovingly.

          "Yes! I am a bad girl! Spank me!" she shouted and made Muzzy's
      lap wet. Muzzy rubbed Anne's pink butt and kissed it.

          "No your not. Your just human." he smiled and they exchanged an
      open mouth kiss.


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