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It's a fantasy tale about your prayers and why some don't seem to be answered.
Draft, I hope you like it, FYI "the children" and "the beings" are the same book, but different people
The Children
Luke was whittling yet another wood scultpure for his treehouse, also his bedroom. Anna was gardening outside in their secret garden. As the two siblings worked together, the harsh voice of their stepmother rattled through the walls. "Lucas and Anna!! Get down here right this instant or otherwise you're not getting any dinner!". They both immediately dropped their tools and ran downstairs. Their dining table was sickly looking. it had paintings of the seven dwarfs on a light teal background. It had been the centerpiece of the house until Lucy came along. Lucy was an atrocious stepmother who spent her profits on cigarettes and alcohol. They were never rich, but they never noticed how poor they were. Their mom noticed however, she left in anger. Their father was in Maine, claiming to need peace and quiet to write his book. "I said hurry up!". The squeal of her voice got them running down the stairs. They sat on their chairs. Their chairs were boxes they found in the
street. They filled them up with whatever they had or could find so they wouldn't break
their only chair. They ate a frugal meal of stale potatoes and a piece of bread. They bough
a bag of ice, so instead of running water, they'd drink melted ice and wash their paper
plates in freezing water. They two siblings ran up as soon as they finished the chores.
They ran up to their bedroom, which was a treehouse. Luke used his woodworking skills
and made a divider with windows and three shelves, one for each and one to share. Luke
pulled out an old Sony Walkman he had received from his uncle as a little kid. He had three CDs and one pair of earphones. They each got one earbud and listened to gospel music that night. "Luke," Anna began, her voice high and breathy. He knew she had been crying as usual on gospel nights. "Do you ever pray?" she asked shyly. "No. I don't know why, though. Let's pray now.". And thus followed five minutes of silence. They whispered their goodnights and fell asleep listening to Lucy's soap opera and smelling the cigarette smoke billowing around them and imprisoning them.

The Beings

"Erica! Where are you?" Erica wandered over to the Head Mistress. "Yeah?" Erica replied. She didn't care much for the formalness of being an angel, especially an angel in training. To become an angel, you have to do angel training. To teach that you need further
education. " I must bestow a task upon thee. You wander aimlessly throughout The Realm. You shall be assigned to dream delivery as of tomorrow!" she stated triumphantly, hoping
to annoy Erica. Erica had no intention of arguing. Dream delivery is actually prayer realted but it didn't matter. Dream delivery was considered an honor to her. She went with other angels in training to peoples rooms and caught words with their nets. Unfortunately, they
don't get all the words, so they may misinterpret your prayer. There also demons there, they try to catch you and mess you up, or to mess the prayer up. The prayer will go flying to God. If you don't catch it and stop it, the dream is likely to be carried out. The Head Misstress may consider that a terrible position, but in a family where hardly anyone even gets an assignment, it becomes a huge deal. Erica bowed respectfully and rushed out to tell her family. She knew there might be dangers, but she brushed that off. The risk is worth the reward, she told herself. She had no idea what dangers there were outside of The Realm.

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