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I love the baby Jesus.+

    Dear Atheist,

                  Which is more important:

                              1.  Planed Parenthood

                              2.  Teenage hygiene sex education.

                              3.  A Jesus statue in the woods.

    Come on!

            I like the mangers on Christmas and the festive Christmas tree.
      Did you really protest Santa Clause in the public schools?
      This is not going to win you converts. Geeze.

              Focus on the rising AIDS amongst teenagers.
              Focus on the unfair tax exempt status for Christian political activists
              How about some good old fashion logic lessons for blind faith Mormons,
              like Mitt Romney.
              Catholic hospitals should not be receiving  federal funding, if they do
              not comply with federal laws, like abortion on demand.

    I don't care about a Jesus statue on a ski slope! Gahd!

    I thought atheist were suppose to be smart.

    Just Venting,

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