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The soul is free...
As gentle as the breeze I will hold your hand
I will walk you barefooted through this rugged land
Feel the grains between your toes, where they began and how they arose
This is your life you can feel what's relevant
All of your senses cannot leave you astrand
Close your eyes and be without sight
Do not fear the dimming of light
Listen carefully to your surroundings
Let your heart dance dance with the pounding
Listen to the essence and transform your shape
From your body you peacefully escape
Become all elements of this state
Explore its boundaries and determine it's fate
Whatever you are, you now understand
Its simplicity and role without demand
Now retrieve your body and return thy soul
The particular form that fate chose its role
Who it agreed to be before
You will remain forever more
Embrace the body your soul must endeavor
Cherish your lips for your mate to kiss
Mind and heart and soul sink into a bliss
This form and shape is a measurement of age
Yet young and timeless my soul stands no cage

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