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This is a description of a story I want to write.

This idea or the majority of it came from a dream that I had. I created the entire plot and details over the course of 2 weeks and this is it. Please give feedback, whether it good or bad.

Interims definition is basically "the time in between" and that's what part of the books plot and is heavily tied to the Bible. Now, the book is about an unnamed protagonist that goes by the moniker "The Drifter". He's what you call an "Overlander", which I will tell you what they are later in the details. The story starts with him in New York, more specifically the Empire State Building. The planet has under gone a catastrophe. The Sun ejected the mother of all CME's (Coronal Mass Ejection) which is basically a massive burst of solar wind (streams of charged particles ejected from the Sun) and this causes the planet to undergo an immediate geomagnetic reversal (when the North and South poles switch spots). This causes the Earth to instantly start spinning backwards. I looked it up and they said that if the Earth started spinning in the opposite direction that anything not attached to the Earth would keep moving in that direction (example: buildings, people too, 1.5 times the speed of sound, and I will tell why he wasn't hurt by that alone). The atmosphere isn't attached either. It would literally burn off the planet. Also the magnetic field doesn't just instantly come back. Since it's gone, the Earth is gonna be beaten down on by UV rays. This gives a few humans superpowers. Their bodies mutate and adapt to the new, toxic surface. Also, when I say "a few" humans, I mean like out of the 6 billion on the planet now, only 10,000 became Overlanders. Overlanders bodies are like plants now. They absorb the UV rays and create that for food. They still need water, though not as much as before. A human can only survive 4 days without water. Overlanders can survive without water for at most a month.

Now back to the story.

The Drifter is part of a group that will later in the book be known as "The Usurpers". The Overlanders have set up a government that is based on the most powerful of the Overlanders. There are 7 "High Leaders" each based on a continent equal to their power and position. The most powerful is Europe, second North America, third Asia, fourth South America, Fifth Africa, Sixth Australia, and finally Seventh Antartica. The Usurpers (hint: there are 8 usurpers) are systematically going across the continents from least to greatest, killing off the current leaders and replacing them with theirselves. While going across these continents and killing the leaders, the leaders give off power that The Drifter absorbs. The Usurpers don't figure this out until the third to last leader is killed. When this is figured out, The Usurpers suck the energy and powers right out of him. They end up splitting the powers among theirselves. Meanwhile, he loses conciousness and is almost reduced to a normal human. This is very dangerous being on the new Earth.

Lets trail off for a moment. When The Drifter is in The Usurpers, he's friends or thinks he's friends with a woman named Darlyn. When she sorta kinda betrays him, he takes it badly to what happens later in the story.

Back to the story. The Drifter is rescued by a person in a group nicknamed "The Underlanders". The Underlanders are normal humans that survived the catastrophe by moving underground. He was on the surface trying to scavenge out materials and excavating the old life (Underlanders can't stay on land that long even with the best protection. I'm not saying they can walk on the surface without any protection, but with even the best they have they can only be up on the surface for a few minutes)

Trailing off again for a short sec.

The Underlanders are heavily religious. Reasons why: The Underlanders believe this is Jesus's second coming. Reason 1: The Rapture is supposed to take everyone on the planet who were Christians and did good in their life immediately to Heaven. They think the almost extinction of mankind is the Rapture. Reason 2: God said the world would end in fire. When the atmosphere is burned off, the sky literally is on fire. Reason 3: The Bible says the Devil will rule the planet for a 1000 years. The Underlanders think the Overlanders are demons with their powers and such. But the Underlander that saved him doesn't think they're demons but people who must be researched.

Again, back to the story. So basically The Drifter wakes up in a bed not able to remember anything (like a short bout of amnesia), powerless and surrounded by children who are curious about him being an Overlander. The Underlanders literally make a psuedo-Earth enviroment underground. Fast forwarding ahead, The Drifter sees how bad things are for The Underlanders and decides (when he gets his memory back) to stop the Usurpers from destroying the Underlanders like they were planning to do. Finally one day in the Underlands, he sees a shorted out electric street light with wires sticking out and he has a strange attraction to it (like a hunger). He starts walking toward it with a crowd of Underlanders watching. The priests and citizens are leading a boo chant at him saying things like "you blasphemer!" and "you demon!" while the younger ones and others say things like "he's crazy". He touchs the wire and ends up shorting out the city (forgot to mention, The Drifter's power is electicity and enhanced abilities). All his memories rush back to him and he powers the entire city back up (to the shock and awe of The Underlanders) and returns back to the surface. Now he goes on a vendetta and starts killing off The Usurpers. He kills them off in the same order they did to the old leaders (what bitter irony). When he kills them, he gains their powers and the powers of the old rulers too. Now he kills three of them (Antartica, Australia, Africa) and when he gets to the fourth, it turns out to be Darlyn as the ruler of South America. Though he ends up killing her and taking her powers, with her being his former friend he ends up losing confidence in his mission.

Lets get a little off track again. Darlyn ends up sorta kinda betraying him because she doesn't neccessarily agree with them to take his power, but doesn't try to stop it either nor does she come back to save him or try to stop from taking position as 4th High Leader.

Back to the story. He's go wondering in the Amazon Rainforest (plants survive the catastrophe). Unknowingly to him, he walks into a "cursed" part of the forest that no one ever returns from. There he sees a brick, rich-looking house in the middle of a swamp. Thats strange. He ends up seeing an old friend (it's a she). Her power is to manipulate sound waves to mess with the nervous system. She uses a violin as her medium and is an excellent violinist. While there in the swamp, she gives advice that reaffirms his confidence in what he's doing. Back on his mission, he leaves promising the mysterious woman to return (since she is alone and feared in the swamp).

Meanwhile, the leader of The Usurpers is now fearful of The Drifter and sends an assassin to kill him. The assassin ends up being The Drifters brother. The brothers power is to control plants.

Because of a rocky childhood and tough brotherly hate, the brother shows no remorse trying to kill him, instead explaining "it's not personal". The Drifter ends up winning, but doesn't kill him, just beats him to a pulp and continues with his mission

The leader, again paranoid and afraid (correctly so) the brother fails, sends another assassin. A woman this time and much more powerful, but more mentally unstable and sadistic. This assassin's power is her blood. Her blood, like The Overlanders plant bodies, can absorb higher, stronger energies. This means The Drifter's electric powers are useless against her. His enhanced abilities have no effect on the battle either since she knows how to fight better than him and she basically has him on the ropes. However, since she is mentally unstable, she lets him go, to observe what he will do next and knowing him from the killings of The Usurpers.

Now free of current obstacles, he proceeds to kill the North American Usurper leader (I'll figure the names as I go since I'm now currently writing it) and goes for the leader in Europe (London to be exact).

Now to fast forward to the fight. If you've ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, you see Aang fight the Fire Lord in the end with all elements and still keep losing until his Avatar state is unlocked. This how this fight goes. He's not the leader for nothing. The Drifter uses all the powers he took from The Usurpers and the older leaders powers. Except for Darlyn's powers. It turns out Darlyn was more powerful than the Leader but decided to keep her powers hidden. He uses her powers reluctantly and obliterates the Leader.

Done with his vendetta he returns to the swamp he promised to return to and while there for the short time, Overlanders far and wide, coming through to the clearing, start walking up to The Drifter and kneeling to him and call him "The King of the Overlanders". Thats how the book ends (with him slightly confused).

Please give feedback. Tell me what you think. Is it good, bad or need a few touch ups. Give me ideas too if you feel it needs it. Thank you.

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