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Job chapter 1 and 2....

        Bobbi Beavers had been running for President, but nobody cared.
  "By now, this is all a predictable pre-summit process. Joyful reunions
  one day, little rejections the next. Predictable pre-summit process.
  And no fundamental change on the Confederate states that would end
  this bloody civil war." Colonel Glen Beck stated on his rebel broadcast
  from Texas. Bobbi took a deep breath. Her ample breasts nearly popped
  her ruffled blouse. She knew what had to be done.

        She hacked into Colonel Beck's broadcasts. "Women of these
  troubled states. I, Bobbi Beavers, call on you to put end to this senseless
  war. Do not give comfort to your husbands or lovers. Deny them your
  pleasures until they swear to make peace." Her broadcast was short.
  Glen looked about at his studio crew and broke his cane .. in frustration.
  The following days there were reports of wives deny their husbands wifely pleasures.
  The protest crossed state lines. Colonel Beck demanded that the women
  of the Confederacy service their men to no avail.

        Soldiers on either side of the conflict threw down their arms.
  Bobbi Beavers was arrested, but then released when the Ladies Brigade
  marched into the jail and opened her cell. None of the guards would fire
  on their wives. In a matter of months the women of THE NEW AMERICAN
  UNION had elected Bobbi Beavers as President. Women have always been
  in the majority. Colonel Beck was stripped of his rank and forced to sell
  used cars. A task he turn a profit on.

        "It is the women of the world, who make the next generation!" Bobbi Beavers
  exclaimed in her acceptance speech. Thousands of women cheered, waving their
  handkerchiefs shoals above them. It was a new era. It was 2014.

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