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From the perspective of an eagle following a strange man. Written for the QCS 2011 test.
The Free Runner

Please note I have had a brainwave and will add to this as time goes on.
The eagle raised its head from the branch high in the tree. The first rays of the sun broke through the tree's canopy landing upon the eagle making it feel alive. It rose shaking itself, its razor sharp talons gripping into the hardened wood. Fully raised with the sun covering its body, the eagle spread the huge wings that engulfed either side of its body. Dropping out of the tree the eagle caught itself like a rope caught a bungee jumper.

Long grassy fields filled the eagle's vision for as far as it could see. Surely somewhere, there would be prey hidden, scurrying along the ground. Suddenly a flash of white and grey was spotted as a field rat bolted from its stationary position. It was the fatal mistake that the rat was going to make. The eagle came down like a missile striking the rat behind its head. It squeaked loudly as the talons broke through its flesh and muscle. The rat died instantly and the eagle was satisfied with its kill, taking it back to its nest to devour.

Once finished the eagle rose again, with the blood of the rat splattered around its beak. The eagle was now full and felt the need to have the wind under its wings again. It took off again this time flying the longest distance it had ever flown in a single stretch. The eagle flew with the wind in its face, over the fields and the forests until it came to a small human settlement. The eagle's enhanced vision could see individual figures easily, and it honed in on a tall-cloaked man sprinting through the buildings. The eagle only saw brief flashes of the man as he darted in and around. At least another three similarly dressed people were pursuing him.

The man leading the chase was clearly more athletic than the other three pursuing him as he led them through the town, leaping over food stalls and dodging around people. One of the man's pursuers reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black item. He pointed it at the man and squeezed. An ear splitting noise broke the near silence of the eagle’s solitude. A miniscule object flew past the man, so fast the eagle couldn’t follow it. The man being followed kept running with his head down in order to give his pursuers a smaller target area. The eagle looked around and saw that the hooded man was heading towards a very large tower, which rose into the sky so high it looked as if it had descended from the sky.

The first man reached the base, looked up toward the top of tower and began to climb rapidly. His pursuers reached the foot of the tower and began to climb as well. The man had no chance of escaping. He climbed at a rapid pace followed by the eagle. The man reached the summit of the tower and looked around. The eagle heard a low repetitive thud which it payed no attention to. The hooded man was trapped. His pursuers circled around him cutting off any escape. He looked at the eagle, soaring free in the sky just above him. The man then looked at his pursuers and a faint smiled creased his lips.

The man looked at the eagle again, who screeched. Bowing his head slowly the man turned and spread out his arms, open to the wind feeling it blow on his face. Making himself as streamline as possible the man let go of everything that held supported him. The eagle watched as the muscles in his legs tightened giving him the strength needed to dive off the tower.

The rest of his body moved in a single fluid motion, stretching as far out as it could go. The thudding that the eagle had heard before had grown much louder and was pounding like a drum inside the eagle’s head. The eagle swivelled its head looking for the source of the unbearable sound. Screaming towards the man was an enormous steel bird with wings that spun in circles. It hovered in the path of the hooded man, who grasped onto its tail for dear life. The steel bird moved off with the man clinging to its tail. The eagle moved on and followed them keeping its distance.

724 words. Hope you enjoyed!!
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