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A review of the vignette, Rindar's Response, a requirement of lesson 4 EWW
Author:  Percy Goodfellow

Vignette:  Rindar’s Response


Good poetry Goodfellow!  You’re a poet and don’t know it.
You only used 1K of the allocated word count…You might have shown how Volusia was dealing with the decision, and how the Elders were responding.

I see the first of the crisis developing and it is a definite crisis.  It is a struggle for his life against long odds.  The reader is prepared for the trial and enters it expecting Rindar to acquit himself well.


Does the CC begin to experience an identity crisis?

As Rindar faces imminent death he becomes stoic and prepares himself by making peace with the Gods.  This is evidenced by his prayer.

Is he/she at war with themselves, his/her own worst enemy?

The reason he is in this situation is because he allowed himself to be lured into a position that would have compromised his sense of honor.  He does not regret his decision but concedes that he brought the crisis upon himself.

Show how the CC's actions spark a crisis.

When challenged to take the place of a young boy who had little chance to survive the contest, he chose to do so.

Is this one the smallest of the ones to follow?

He will face two more that build in magnitude.

Do you show the beginnings of a meltdown?

Rindar is not melting down…. He has a plan and is determined to make it work even though he concedes that surviving the ordeal is not very likely.

Does the CC begin to question where the story is leading?

The story is leading to a confrontation with Lord Marcutti and what the future holds for himself and Volusia.

Does the vignette show the CC caught up between what he/she thinks is important as opposed to what really is?

Rindar is a man of honor and principle.  Acting on his core beliefs he takes the action of his choices freely and without regret.


You addressed the lesson requirements contained in the checklist. 

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