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by delila
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Writing after anesthesia amnesia isn't east. One must persevere and believe they can.
Writing after experiencing anesthesia amnesia, has not been easy, but with perseverence I believe anyone can overcome and write from their heart. There is a scripture in the Bible that states, "With God all things are possible."  I believe what the word of God says.  If God almighty believes in us then we need to believe in ourselves.  Because of the chemical change that took place in my body after surgery, I  began to experience short term memory loss. I could not and still can not remember the exact conversation a person just talked about. If a third party, ask's the question, what did you talk about, I quickly tell them a paraphrased version, because I cannot quote what was said 5 minutes ago. 

Writing has always been a passion of mine. However, since surgery, it's hard to find the words needed to portray stories, but it can be done if we press on and believe in ourselves.  Overcoming the roadblocks along the way helps to clear the path for becoming a great writer.  By pressing on and believing in yourself a person can become a great writer in the face of affliction.  Just believe!
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