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by Skylar
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Chapter two and three to my earlier story.
Chapter Two Abby

         Now that you know about that my past with that boy, you can understand how disgruntled I was to learn that Charlie’s family was moving down here. Close enough that we would go to the same school.

         His dad had been laid off, and while that was bad and all, did the really have to move down here because of it?

My parents and other siblings were at the Bishop’s new house right now helping them set everything up. I didn’t go because Macy, my best friend, was here.

         I was on the computer, showing Macy Charlie’s pictures. “I think you might be insane.” She said.

         I went to the next picture. It was him at the beach with his perfect body and perfect blonde hair with a perfect girl in a bikini standing next to him. “Why?” I looked at her.

         Her cherry red hair was pulled back and she was lying on her belly on my bed, one hand petting my cat, Ava, as she looked at my computer screen. “He’s kind of incredibly hot. I mean, if that was my first kiss I would brag about it, not complain.”

         “It doesn’t count as a first kiss and you know it. I’m starting to think I will never get that stupid first kiss.”

         “Oh, stop being such a grouch. You are worrying about nothing.”

         A noise came out of my mouth that sounded oddly like, “Pft, bitch please.”

         She laughed and grabbed her chemistry homework off of my bed. “Whateva shawty, I have to go now. Thanks for the help with chemistry though.”

         “Thanks for thanking me.” I said as she closed the door.

         I got up, I still had to get ready for school tomorrow. I turned on Curtis Lee’s “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” as loud as I could and began to pick out an outfit; the way I looked mattered now. Now that I was in love; the boy I was in love with didn’t know that I loved him. Or that he loved me for that matter. I wasn’t even sure he knew my name…. It didn’t matter, this year he would notice me. This year I would be my best.

         I grabbed a lace dress and pink jacket out of my closet. I took a shower and curled my hair. When my parents got home with all the kids, I said goodnight to them then put on my overnight skin cream.

         By the time I was done, I was more than ready for sleep. Unfortunately, a full time creeper has no time for such pleasantries. First, I had to look on my crush, Hayden’s, profile. I scrolled though the pictures of him, pictures I had seen numerous times, and was once again amazed at how good looking he was.

         Once I was happy enough to leave his pictures I had nothing left to do but look at other people’s lives; Charlie came up on my newsfeed. I looked at his pictures and saw how people could mistake him for perfect. His very light golden locks fell into his perfectly tanned face in perfect curls. But I could see his imperfections too; like the scar above his eyebrow from where I had hit him with a toy robot. His bottom lip was slightly too big. I knew that those were bull crap flaws, but maybe being too perfect was an imperfection in itself.

         I got off my computer wondering why I cared. I didn’t mean to care; certainly didn’t want to. But I still did. I cared about how perfect and lovely Charlie was. And I was still caring when I fell asleep.

Chapter Three Abby

         I got ready for school and made extra sure that I looked presentable. Today was the day I was going to talk to Hayden. The thought alone made me nervous.

         I grabbed a quick breakfast and waited for Macy, she takes me to school every day. Her red mustang pulled up to the driveway.

She rolled down her window, “Get in hot stuff.”

I laughed and jumped in the car. She looked at me for a moment, then started driving. “No, really, why do you look so good today?”

“Oh nothing, just planning on talking to Hayden today.”

“You’re going to talk to Hayden? What are you going to say?”

I lowered my voice to a husky tone, “Hey big boy, how’s it going? I wanna sex you up.” I stopped that voice, “Something along those lines.”

She laughed, “Sex you up? Really?” She did an exaggerated purse with her mouth, “Yes, then lick your teeth and growl at him.”

“And smell his hair and walk away.” I laughed and played with the mirror in her car.

“What a plan!”

I nodded my head in agreement as she parked. Macy looked at me, “You have to introduce me to your friend though.”

I rolled my eyes, “I would hardly call Charlie a friend.”

“None the less, I have never seen an angel and I’m sure he is the closest I will ever get.”

I made a face at her, “Ew.”

We were walking to our lockers when I heard a low wolf whistle. I looked over, not because I thought it was for me, but to see who it was for. So you can see how I would be surprised to learn that it was for me, and was given to me by a close to perfect human being.

Charlie had his normal smirk on. The one that wasn’t judgmental, but he knew he was obviously better than anyone else. I wanted to hit it off of his face.

Next to me I heard Macy’s breath, “Holy shit.” as we looked at him.

“Hey brat.” Charlie said to me as he walked closer. He was so much taller than his pictures looked.

He embraced me and I was too shocked to react, so I awkwardly stood in the middle of his arms. “You grew up fairly well.” He said as he let go of me. It wasn’t much of a compliment, but it was the nicest thing he had said to me in… well, ever.

His eyes were clear and bright in the schools florescent lights. He had on a red and white striped polo shirt and khaki shorts. His hair had gotten bleached by sunlight and was perfectly messy. His teeth were very white from what I could see out of his half smile.

Then I looked somewhere that wasn’t his face because I had been staring at him. Macy elbowed me in my ribs. I scowled at her and said, “This is Macy by the way.” I grabbed both of their hands before I realized how insane that was, and made them shake. “Charlie Macy, Macy Charlie.”

         Macy smiled and twirled her bright hair, and Charlie nodded his greetings.

         An overly loud voice said “Charlie! I’ve missed you so much!”

         He looked over at the cheerleader screaming at him. I knew her name was Olivia because we had every lit class together since we began high school. She had her brown hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail on top of her head. Her lips were painted with a thick layer of lip gloss. Her brown eyes were covered in so much make-up that I wondered how she was able to see. Everyone knew who she was, or had at least heard of her sexual escapades. It didn’t surprise me that Charlie knew her; I just wasn’t how he had met her.

         She wrapped Charlie in a hug. “Omg, you should so come say hey to everyone with me.” Olivia said.

He looked at me, as if asking for permission. It confused me, but I motioned with my hand for him to go. “Yeah, sure.” He said and waved at us. I watched him walk away. Walk wouldn’t be the right word; that sounds like it requires effort. He glided, like he didn’t have to think of what he was doing he just did it. 

         "I would say that we need to go to our lockers, but I don't mind staring at his butt either." Macy said.

         I looked at her with a frown, "oh you are too funny."

         She shrugged, "It just comes naturally, I guess."


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