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how i met her for the first time who made me someone whom i dont know!!!!!!
It was a bright sunny day.. coming outside my home i felt the mercury level was somewhat more than my expectation..
I was again late for the bus, but not to worry it was my daily routine.
until i was scolded by mom i never went for the school bus at the correct time...
I went school my dads bike...
it was first class of ninth standard.. i was watching some new faces in the class who were not with me last year..

it was our second class when my friends started staring on girls..
I also started doing the same..
Staring from the face we were discussing about each part of those angels..
fifth period was game period..
it was our first leisure period and the first time to interact with those beauties...
But the problem was that who is gonna talk to them...
So we all decided to skip this talking plan and went to play basketball.
but those girls also came their and started roaming around the field..

"pass the ball to me" pankaj said
"give it here" ravi told
"kamine throw here" adarsh said
I was confused what to do, and suddenly i saw a girl moving around our court, and at that moment a n idea struck me..
i threw the ball on that girl
All boys started staring on me.. without wasting any second i went to her and asked for the ball..
but when i reached there i saw she was bleeding.. she became angry of me
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