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by Stina
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Plunge into a revolution of thought that tenacity would change our heritage.
No race can prosper 'til it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling the field, as in writing a poem. (Booker Taliaferro Washington)  When shall we learn that simple work is required to succeed and thrive? We have lost the ability to stand on our own feet without reaching toward our neighbor with blame. It is only I who have not watered my garden, and only I who am to blame. We have become a nation who has lost the sight of the truth and righteousness for that we were founded upon. Our morals have faded with the stain of insincerity. Our endurance as individuals merely shadow the reputation that our country is currently in, and with that our greatest error is not looking at history for the suffering we have already gone through and not learning from our mistakes. Resolve to succeed in daring times, never forgetting the ambitions of our fathers and attempting to leap into tomorrow. With sacrifice and forethought we will no longer fall into the traps of poverty.
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