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A platonic romance between an adult woman and a younger man ... (haha...wth?)

In those honey glazed eyes, nothing seemed to matter more than the dancing small figure, swaying playfully, in rhythmic circling steps. Showered by the powdering icing sugar white snow, the striking red muffler twirled like ribbon to the dance in the blurry sight of the cold night. After a few lively jumps, the figure skillfully leaned to the left, and bended for balance to the right. However it took a moment’s carelessness for those steps to retreated backwards, panicked and when a dash of freezing breeze swooshed, the tipsy steps sled to a fall.

Two strong arms caught the small figure safe into a protective embrace whilst two smaller arms clasped desperately onto the strong, warm support. And two very dark brown eyes behind dark brown hair flickered in excitement of the braced fall. There was a glimpse of bronzy shock in them, but it was muted by specs of awe and sparkles of affection.

The woman laughed with relief bliss. The man, held to his caring silence.

Then, he sighed and tightens his arm around the small figure in his arms.

“It’s dangerous; please watch your steps…” He whispered thoughtfully. The woman just smiled. She could feel his breath melting in her slightly damped affrayed hair. Her shoulders twitched a bit and curled to burrow deep into his hold. She loves it when he buries his face into the nape of her neck. She tilted a little to the right and so his nose snuggled under the tender lobe of her left ear. Cold sweats of condensed icy breaths dripped slowly.

“I am cold…” The woman said indifferently, her shivering hands still held intensively onto the stronger arms. She felt a little lift, when the guarding arms squeezed.

“You never allow me to warm you…” The man answered in a lonesome wishful manner, slowly letting go with prudence. He stretched his arms wide and wrapped them around the red muffler.

The woman smiled again, a little guilty, a little happy.

“Come on Hiroki, I’ll make you hot cocoa and that creamy potage you like…” Yana caressed the long fingers as she unlocked the longing hold. Gently she took the left hand into her grasps and breathed heat into them. The stare of his beautiful honey eyes may be a little harder, but Hiroki was still so much a boy, with his midnight black curly ends tousled in a hairy mess.

She stared at the manly fingers, warmly cupped and cuddled in her grasps. She listened to the fresh bassy note in the huskiness of his singing. Hiroki was gradually turning into a young man.

“You know, you never grow up…” Yana teased sheepishly. Hiroki grinned and pulled her under his arms.

He traced the young wrinkle of her wary smile. It was a new wrinkle. Yana’s hair was thinner, layered longer, and it was that natural Asian brown color he missed. He loves how time consumes her, how time erases the gap definition between Yana and him.

“Yana, I’m taller now…”

For Hiroki, at the moment, his height will just have to make do.

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not a disclaimer but yeah, i'm not an avid writer, but i do write casually from time to time. English is not my mother tongue so there will be silly mistakes. i just hope you enjoy this little imagination i wrote from the winter coldness.
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