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A physical perspective of the five senses in romantic terms.
I describe, every effect,
of only your presence
in a world where the senses,
can appreciate and behold you.

The eyes soften their gaze
upon your soft countenance,
cherishing and loving their duty
to witness your smile, that defies reality.

The ears, most eager
to catch every snippet of your music
that resonates, calming;
from lips that pluck the chords of the heart.

Smell, maybe luckiest of all
traverses gardens in your midst,
of nature’s most exquisite gifts
of flowers sweet;
indeed a heaven upon earth,
of exuded aromas,
is nature’s appreciation.

Let taste be the benefactor
of beauty so marvelously wrought,
when man has but one try
and is awe-stricken indefinite.

But best is saved for last;
your touch, is the gift of life itself:
a ward against wretchedness,
redeemer of sorrow.
Your smile defies reality, as philosophers already know.
In all their speculation, beauty is just a stone’s throw
Your touch, alters reality

And is jealous,
For time controls all but itself
And is mastered:
By magnificence,
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